Trudeau Forces Canadians to Spend $650 Million on Abortions After Trump Defunds Intl Planned Parenthood

International   |   We Need a Law   |   Mar 8, 2017   |   12:38PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Using International Women’s Day as a prompt, Prime Minister Trudeau has just announced another $650,000,000 will be sent overseas to “address gaps in sexual and reproductive health.”

“Today’s announcement, which comes on the heals of last week’s commitment of $20,000,000 to an International Abortion Fund is deeply concerning to both fiscal conservatives and social conservatives,” said spokesperson Mike Schouten.

Undoubtedly, these commitments are a response to the United States’ decision to cease funding organizations that facilitate abortion overseas through the re-enactment of the Mexico City Policy.

“Canada’s response to the re-enacted Mexico City Policy, an order that ensures U.S. foreign aid will not subsidize abortion overseas is appalling,” said Schouten. “Why are we committing millions of taxpayer dollars that we don’t even have, so that organizations such as International Planned Parenthood can continue to masquerade abortion as “women’s health care” in third-world countries?

“And what does the Opposition think of this, especially those running for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada?” asked Schouten.

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A signature component of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Muskoka Initiative – a funding agreement for maternal, newborn, and child health, was that the money Canada contributed could not be used to facilitate abortions in third-world countries.

“The former government’s position on the exclusion of abortion from maternal health care overseas could have been carried out to appease the social conservative base, but it was also based on good health care policy,” continued Schouten.

“Rather than forcing a pro-abortion ideology on the underdeveloped areas of the world, Canadian tax dollars should be used with the intention of achieving the best results for the money we spend.”

“Women in third-world countries are in desperate need of medicine, clean water, and maternal care, so that they can care for themselves and their newborn children. These essentials, which we take for granted, are needed so they can give their families the best possible future,” concluded Schouten.