Why Does the Oldest Catholic College in the U.S. Have a Pro-Abortion Club?

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Mar 7, 2017   |   7:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic college in America, has faced harsh criticism time and time again for straying from church teachings about the sanctity of human life.

Last year, the Catholic university welcomed Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards as a guest speaker on campus. Despite strong protests from pro-lifers, the university refused to cancel the highly paid abortion CEO’s speech.

Now, it is facing criticism for allowing a club that openly promotes abortion on campus. Lifezette’s Katie Nations reports Georgetown University has a Medical Students for Choice club that not only promotes abortions but also trains students how to perform them.

Nations wrote:

The organization encourages “residency training sites with the intention of becoming abortion providers,” according to the group’s website.

The goal is apparently not to provide medical students and residents with the best skillset and comprehension to be the finest surgeons or providers of medicine. The goal of MSFC is to train future abortionists with hands-on experience. There are even workshops to provide training in the procedure known as “manual vacuum aspiration” on papayas (yes, you read that right).

Abortion is not simply the removal of a mass of tissue. It is the termination of human life. It is the brutal removal of an infant from the womb via chemicals, vacuum, or instrumentation. It is not a heroic act — but a horrific one. The idea that a premier Catholic university would harbor or even encourage such rebellion to traditional beliefs is appalling.

The Catholic Church teaches that all human lives have value, from moment of conception to natural death. It has been a strong advocate for the protection of human lives from abortion, assisted suicide and euthanasia across the world.

Catholic universities like Georgetown, Notre Dame, DePaul and others have strayed from this teaching by welcoming pro-abortion speakers, honoring abortion advocates and even banning certain pro-life messages and speakers.

Georgetown is not the only Catholic college that has pro-abortion clubs operating on campus. The pro-abortion club at Loyola University in Chicago received a lot of media attention last fall after students performed mock abortions on papayas.

The College Fix discovered the video of the “papaya workshop” on the Loyola Students for Reproductive Justice Facebook page in late September. An unofficial club at the Catholic university, the student pro-abortion group said it hosted the workshop to demonstrate how an aspiration abortion works. A medical student at the university led the mock abortion demonstration, according to the group.

“The purpose of the papaya workshop is for students to learn about aspiration abortions, and to destigmatize abortion in general,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Abortion is a simple medical procedure. Up to 10 weeks, this procedure is very similar to sucking the seeds out of a papaya!”

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DePaul University also has a pro-abortion club, If, When, How, that encourages the school’s law students to promote “reproductive justice,” including abortions.

In 2015, a Cardinal Newman Society report found that a number of Catholic universities promoted or had connections to the abortion chain Planned Parenthood. Some responded to the report by removing or changing the information on their websites, but others ignored the backlash, according to the Cardinal Newman Society.