George Soros Has Given $21 Million to Planned Parenthood and $246 Million to Pro-Abortion Groups

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 7, 2017   |   1:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-abortion billionaire George Soros has reportedly given $246 million dollars to pro-abortion groups that were behind the Women’s March this year and the upcoming “day without women” strike.

Soros is no stranger to funding the nation’s leading organizations advancing the abortion agenda and a new report from the Media Research Center makes it clear that funding continues.

According to the report, Soros did not give the two events any money directly but he has given nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to 100 groups that are partnering with both pro-abortion events. A list of organizations behind those events includes the Planned Parenthood abortion business and other top groups that lobby and support abortion like the ACLU.

Here’s more from the report:

The Media Research Center’s Business division analyzed the groups involved in the Women’s March and found that the march’s most-important supporters were backed by Soros. Key findings include:

  • Partners Received More Than $246 Million From George Soros: 100 of the 544 Women’s March partners received a total of $246,637,217 from Soros between 2000 and 2014. Soros gave more than $1 million to 36 of those partners, including the Center for Reproductive Rights,, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

  • Partners Hostile to Christians and Conservative Values: Soros money goes to many causes openly hostile to people of faith and their values. The ACLU, which received $37.3 million from Soros, has tried repeatedly to close Catholic hospitals and “emboldened” criminals in Chicago. The Center for American Progress (backed by $12.2 million from Soros) used the Orlando nightclub shooting to bash Christians. Even Human Rights Watch, which tracks human rights violations around the globe, ignores the right to life for the unborn and supports abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

    Of the march’s 544 partners groups, 100 liberal organizations already had the financial support of left-wing billionaire George Soros. He gave them nearly a quarter of a billion dollars combined between 2000 and 2014.

    In the days before and after the march, the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) devoted an astonishing one hour, 15 minutes and 18 seconds to the event without ever criticizing the vicious, liberal march speakers or mentioning Soros.

The Media Research Center report also indicates that Soros is one of Planned Parenthood’s biggest owners and his given at least 21 million to the abortion company since 2000.

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March Excluded Pro-Life Voices: Soros is one of Planned Parenthood’s largest donors, and has given at least $21.2 million since 2000. While Planned Parenthood partnered with and sponsored the Women’s March, at least two pro-life groups were removed from the march’s “partners” page. Organizers added “safe, legal, affordable abortion” as a core principle of the march, alienating the conservative, pro-life women (and men) who otherwise supported the march.

Soros has dumped at least $21.2 million into Planned Parenthood’s national and regional branches, not counting an additional $1.5 million he gave in 2015 to cover up Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue sale scandal.

Planned Parenthood had a prominent role in the Women’s March. Not only was it a “Premier Partner” and “Exclusive Premiere Sponsor,” but Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spoke at the march rally.

The Women’s March listed Planned Parenthood as a partner in mid-December 2016, but “Reproductive Rights” (aka “open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people”) was not added as a Women’s March “Unity Principle” until organizers rejected pro-life groups as “partners.” Planned Parenthood was listed as both an “Exclusive Premiere Sponsor” sponsor and “Premier Partner” partner on Jan. 19.

Organizers of the Women’s March have admitted that it is not designed to support women but rather to support abortion and the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

That pro-abortion mantra was reconfirmed when the Women’s March threw out Stanton Healthcare — that it initially accepted as a partner for the event. The Pregnancy Center was removed by March organizers even though Stanton provides quality healthcare free of charge to low income women, women with unexpected pregnancies and the refugee communities.

With other womens’ groups that embrace a pro-life message being removed from the WMW, it became now clear that this was not a “Women’s” March at all but an anti-Trump and pro-abortion event, Stanton Healthcare spokeswoman Brandi Swindell told LifeNews.

She said: “As a single woman who started a women’s healthcare clinic and a pro-life feminist, I think it is important that there is inclusion, diversity and a broad spectrum of opinions at the ‘Women’s March on Washington.’ That is why we thought it was so important to mobilize women who embrace ending the violence of abortion and standing for human rights and justice for all.”

Thepro-life group New Wave Feminists announced that the women’s march officially accepted them as partners. But hours later, New Wave Feminists had disappeared from the march’s partner list.

In response, Herndon-De La Rosa told MRC Culture that the women’s march organizers “have not reached out to me officially, just removed us from their site.” She added, “so I can only assume they caved to the backlash on social media after the Atlantic piece came out saying we were listed as partners.” The Women’s March organizers issued a statement on Twitter to “apologize” for the “error” of admitting the “anti-choice” New Wave Feminists.