EXPOSED: Magazines Like Vogue and Cosmopolitan Conspire Together to Sell the Abortion Agenda

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 28, 2017   |   12:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Those who regularly follow LifeNews probably have noticed an increasing trend among women’s magazines to promote the abortion agenda.

A recent Teen Vogue article sparked controversy after it recommended teens buy “F U-terus” pins and volunteer at abortion clinics to help friends who have had abortions. A follow-up Newsbusters investigation found that the magazine had promoted abortion to teens 63 times so far in 2017 alone.

Cosmopolitan and others also regularly publish articles that put abortion in a positive light, highlighting celebrity support of the abortion chain Planned Parenthood or encouraging women share why their abortions were good for them.

This week, a new report at The Federalist shows how magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle and others conspire to promote abortion, and have been doing so for many years.

Sue Ellen Browder, a former writer for Cosmopolitan and other women’s magazines, said the problem goes back many decades, and money is at the root of it. A former “pro-choice” feminist, Browder later realized how deceived she had been about abortion.

“I began to look at all the things I had done and I thought, ‘This has wrecked the culture. You were participating in this horrible culture of death,’” she said.

She wrote this week:

In 1986, when legal abortion was under heavy attack and I was still freelancing for Cosmo, [editor in chief Helen Gurley Brown] sent out a slew of invitations to women’s magazine editors inviting them to have lunch with her and Kate Michelman, then the executive director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (now NARAL Pro-Choice America). According to Helen’s biographer Jennifer Scanlon, editors came to the meeting from Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Harper’s, Elle, Savvy, Family Circle, Ladies’ Home Journal, Glamour, Self, Parents, and the now-defunct New Woman (where I was a contributing editor). Ms. and Mademoiselle also sent representatives.

Helen spoke at the meeting, and the editors agreed to run pro-abortion articles in their March 1987 issues. Among the articles that appeared in Cosmopolitan that month were: “Abortion: Your Right Under Attack,” “Choice: Separating Myth from Fact,” “My Illegal Abortion,” and an article on why eight famous women were pro-choice.

So let’s plainly state exactly what happened here. Editors from at least a dozen powerful women’s magazines—a virtual army of opinion makers—got together for lunch one day in New York City and colluded to solicit and publish articles designed to hard-sell abortion to American women.

Browder wrote some of those articles herself; she said she never wrote anything that promoted the pro-life perspective.

Browder was not the only one to observe this pro-abortion agenda. She said Myrna, Blyth, former editor in chief of Ladies’ Home Journal, wrote a book in 2003 that mentioned how mainstream and women’s media outlets push abortion.

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Blyth wrote that abortion was “the binding pledge of their sorority. … Listening to them chatter at an editorial meeting or over cocktails, one learns that, according to these experienced politicians, abortion is unquestionably the most important issue for all women in America…To keep the support of the Spin Sisters, politicians may not stray even a hair from the Planned Parenthood position, and probably neither can the writer in the cubicle next door…”

Browder believes money is at the root of a lot of this abortion advocacy. She encouraged people to “hit” these magazines’ pocketbooks by canceling subscriptions and urging others to do the same.

These magazines already have lost millions of readers through abortion. Their continued promotion of this life-destroying practice could lose them even more.