Utah House Passes Bill Telling Women How the Abortion Pill Can be Reversed to Save Their Baby

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 24, 2017   |   7:15PM   |   Salt Lake City, Utah

The Utah House passed a bill Friday that would require women seeking abortions to be informed that the abortion pill possibly can be reversed and their baby’s life saved.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports Utah House Bill 141 passed with strong support in a 56-13 vote, despite some very angry comments from opponents.

If passed, Utah would become the third state to require that women be informed of the new medical procedure, which has saved more than 200 babies’ lives after their mothers took the first of two abortion drugs.

When a pregnant woman takes the dangerous RU-486 abortion pill, there is a chance that the abortion drug can be reversed and her baby’s life saved. The legislation would require abortion facilities to inform women that if they take the first drug in the two-step abortion process, they may be able to stop the abortion and deliver a healthy baby.

Here’s more from the report:

But House Minority Leader Brian King, D-Salt Lake City, said the mandated information “is something that is simply not well established in science,” and said it is based on an experiment with “a handful of patients, literally…. It’s simply not sound science.”

[Bill sponsor Rep. Keven] Stratton and allies disagreed. Rep. Ray Ward, R-Bountiful, a physician, said medical groups feel the information “is medically accurate. Not only is accurate, it is reasonable and important information for a woman to have as she finds herself in this type of a situation.”

The debate grew heated when King criticized pro-life lawmakers for saying that abortion is “killing babies,” according to the report.

“What we are talking about are zygotes and fetuses and embryos,” King said. “… When I hear an individual refer to an unborn child as a baby, I know immediately they are not to be taken seriously.”

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Stratton defended his bill, saying it is not about supporting “pro-life or pro-choice” but about informing women of their options.

Though the medical procedure is relatively new, early results show it appears to be safe and effective for mother and child. The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported in a practice bulletin that the abortion pill reversal procedure has not led to birth defects.

Dr. Matthew Harrison performed the first-ever abortion pill reversal in 2007. At a press conference in 2015 sponsored by Priests for Life and AAPLOG, Harrison said the baby who was saved is now a healthy and happy girl.

In 2015, Harrison reported more than 213 babies have been saved through the pioneer technology. He said the sooner a woman begins the reversal process after taking the abortion pill, the more likely it is that her child’s life will be saved.

The abortion pill reversal program has a network of almost 300 doctors world-wide to help women who call their 24/7 hotline. More information is available at AbortionPillReversal.com.