Abortion Ship Heads to Pro-Life Guatemala to Illegally Give Women Free Abortions

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 23, 2017   |   5:23PM   |   Washington, DC

A Dutch abortion boat sailed to Central America again this week to skirt pro-life laws by offering abortions on international waters.

The boat, run by the pro-abortion group Women on Waves, was scheduled to arrive in Guatemala on Thursday to offer abortion drugs to women and girls, Medical Xpress reports. Like many Central and South American countries, Guatemala protects unborn babies’ lives and bans abortions. Exceptions are allowed when the mother’s life is at risk.

The pro-abortion group said it plans to sail the boat to Puerto San Jose and stay there for five days to offer abortion drugs to women in the country.

“The ship can provide women with free legal medical abortions till 10 weeks of pregnancy after sailing to international waters, 12 miles outside Guatemala,” the pro-abortion group said in a statement.

The group said it will provide safe abortions so women will not have to seek out unsafe back alley or do-it-yourself methods. It claimed 21,600 women are hospitalized with complications every year in Guatemala because of unsafe abortions; however, it did not cite the sources of this statistic. Abortion groups have a reputation for exaggerating the number of unsafe abortions in areas where abortions are illegal.

Women on Waves, founded by Dutch abortion activist Rebecca Gomperts, has been peddling abortions world-wide since 1999. The pro-abortion has used boats and more recently drones to deliver abortion drugs to women in countries where abortion is illegal.

The boat ran aground nearly 10 years ago in South America, but it began running again in 2012. Some countries have blocked the abortion boat from entering their ports because of its life-destroying mission.

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AP reported pro-life activists in Morocco protested the head of the pro-abortion group as she tried to get the abortion boat to dock in the country in 2012. The country’s authorities blocked the boat from entering the harbor; Gomperts already was on shore.

“The protesters, some in conservative Muslim robes and headscarves, carried pictures of bloody embryos and shouted ‘terrorist’ and ‘assassin’ at Rebecca Gomperts in the Atlantic coast town of Smir,” AP indicated. “As they tried to get closer to the activist, shouting and waving their arms, police pushed back the protesters and Gomperts was escorted away for her own protection.”

Women on Waves responded by putting women at risk and trying to get around the law by launching a toll-free number for women in Morocco to call to instruct them how to misuse the ulcer drug misoprostol to cause an abortion.

Last year, the pro-abortion group heavily targeted Central and South American countries amid fears that the Zika virus was causing brain disorders in unborn babies. The group advertised dangerous mail-order abortion drugs to women who thought they may have Zika.

Although Women on Waves says the abortion drug is safe, evidence from the United States indicates that is not the case. In America, where emergency medical care often is readily available, the Food and Drug Administration documented at least 14 women’s deaths and 2,207 injuries from abortion drugs in the past 12 years, LifeNews previously reported.

In 2015, LifeNews reported the group also used drones to deliver abortion drugs to Ireland and Poland in violation of the countries’ pro-life laws protecting unborn babies from abortion. Women who died from the abortion drugs died from bacterial infections such as toxic shock, hemorrhaging, ruptured ectopic pregnancy and massive heart attack.