New Bracelet Could Allow Fathers to Experience Their Unborn Babies Like Never Before

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Feb 21, 2017   |   7:41PM   |   Copenhagen, Denmark

Exciting developments in Denmark could mean that soon fathers get a chance to experience their unborn child’s life within the womb in a way never before envisaged.

Researchers are working on a smart bracelet which can be worn by fathers and which will transmit the baby’s movements inside the womb – including kicks and other movements.

The bracelet is connected to a “kick-monitor patch”, worn by the mother and connecting to the bracelet by a wireless connection.  The patch mimics the unborn baby’s movement so that if he or she moves to the right, rotating beads located inside the bracelet move as well.  A signal is sent in real time to the bracelet so that the father knows instantly that his child is bouncing or even somersaulting in the womb.

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Unborn babies have been known to wiggle in the womb as early as 12 weeks.  This new technology will give fathers a chance to experience the wonders of unborn life at that stage in a new and touching way.

Like all products that showcase life within the womb, this exciting new venture is sure to highlight the incredible development of the unborn child whose heart starts beating at 21 days, and who has eyes and eye lids, a nose, mouth and tongue at 6 weeks.  Around the same time the baby’s brain waves can be detected and by the end of the eighth week, all of the baby’s organs are developing.

When the baby starts to suck his or thumb and move in the womb at 12 weeks, he or she can be clearly seen as a young human on a 4-dimensional ultrasound scan, another recent development which has led to a greater appreciation of the humanity of unborn children.