Michigan Republicans Introduce Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

State   |   Erin Parfet   |   Feb 21, 2017   |   2:34PM   |   Lansing, MI

New legislation introduced in the Michigan State Senate and House would not only defund Planned Parenthood, but also dissolve any existing contracts with the abortion group and prevent the state from contracting with any other abortion-providing organizations, Michigan Radio reports.

Currently, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services funnels $10 million in federal funding into Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan, an increase of $1.2 million since last year, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Abortion activists already have held protests in Detroit and Ferndale in response to the pending legislation, according to Metro Times.

“The only number I care about, and the number all of us care about, is 58 million,” March for Life President Jeanne Mancini told the Detroit Free Press. “Since 1973, 58 million Americans have been lost to abortion. We stand for the little, innocent children who have lost their lives, and we stand for their mothers who regret being involved in abortion. I’d like to address the women in the audience, and watching on TV: Pro-life is pro-woman.”

Monica Miller, director of Michigan Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, spoke at recent protest outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Ann Arbor earlier this month.

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“Not a single cent of American tax dollars should go to an organization that kills innocent human life – that fails to honor the sanctity of life,” Miller stated according to MLive Media Group. “And it is the goal of the pro-life movement that the five hundred million plus dollars that currently are allocated to Planned Parenthood be shifted to community health centers that provide even more comprehensive health care to both men and women–while respecting the right to life of all.”

Pastor Scott Price of Lifegate Community Church in Hastings, Michigan added to those sentiments in a separate statement.

“The effort to defund Planned Parenthood has nothing to (do) with taking healthcare away from women. It’s about taking tax dollars away from the nation’s largest abortion chain,” Price said.

The bills come not only at this critical time in history, but also in response to the momentum of the pro-life movement in America, especially among young people.

“I’m here because I’m pro-life,” said Rebecca Cooper, a Cornerstone University student who joined other students from across Michigan in travelling to the March for Life. She told the Detroit Free Press: “I believe the unborn are human. They are equal to an infant, or a child, or you and I. I believe they have value because every person is made in the image of God.”

Michigan high school senior Rachel Daley, added: “It’s very important to be a voice for these babies. They don’t have a voice for themselves when they’re aborted, so it’s important for us to stand up and give them a voice.”

Planned Parenthood does approximately 320,000 abortions every year, about one third of all the abortions in the U.S., according to its own annual reports. It also has received nearly half a billion tax dollars in the past several years from the government.

The new U.S. Congress is working to defund the abortion group. Legislators plan to redirect the tax dollars to federally-qualified community health clinics that offer more comprehensive care but don’t perform abortions.

Earlier this month, LifeNews reported the U.S. House also voted to overturn an Obama administration policy that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood. This move paves the way for states to defund the abortion group, along with the federal government.

A congressional investigation into the abortion business involving its sales of aborted baby parts concluded recently with lawmakers recommending that Congress defund the abortion company.

Recent polls also indicate Americans support the defunding efforts. One new poll found 56 percent of Americans in battleground states want Planned Parenthood defunded.