Boy Born With 2% of His Brain Stuns Doctors Years After His Mom Refused Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 20, 2017   |   5:02PM   |   London, England

A British boy who was born with just 2 percent of his brain continues to stun the world with his progress.

Noah Wall’s life is being hailed as a medical miracle. Aletia reports Noah’s brain regrew to 80 percent of a normal brain by the time he was 3 years old; and today, he is attending school and learning to read and write.

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The family continues to keep Noah’s brain stimulated to aid his neurological growth. Dr. Claire Nicholson of Newcastle’s Great North Children’s Hospital in England — Noah’s neurosurgeon — calls him “a remarkable child with two remarkable parents.”

Noah, who’s always smiling and shows empathy and love in his words and deeds, is learning to read and write, can count, and attends school. His brain continues to develop beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and after some surgeries on his hips, Noah’s family believes he may actually walk one day. Given how this story has unfolded so far, you should probably bet on it.

Before he was born, Noah’s parents learned that he had numerous health problems, the worst being that he only had 2 percent of his brain, Christian News Network reports. Doctors told Shelly and Rob Wall that their son had a severe form of spina bifida, chromosome abnormalities and hydrocephalus, and likely would die at birth, according to the report. The family said their doctors recommended abortion five times.

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“It was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life,” Rob said in the documentary “The Boy With No Brain,” which aired on British TV in the fall of 2016.

Preparing for the worst, the Walls made funeral arrangements for Noah before he was born. They even bought a coffin.

When Noah arrived on March 6, 2012, the Walls said they heard him cry and felt relieved. Noah continued to surprise his parents and doctors. By his 1st birthday, his parents said he could smile, wave and say “mama” and “dada.”

Here’s more from the report:

Noah was paralyzed from the chest down and required surgery for a large hole in his back. He also had only two percent brain tissue—the rest being filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which required the implantation of a drain.

But as time went by, Noah progressed like other toddlers—talking and singing and smiling, and defying the odds.

Now, years later, doctors are now stunned to find that Noah’s brain has grown substantially and is nearly fully functional.

Today, he tells his parents, “I love you,” and asks his mom, “You alright?” when he notices that she looks upset.

The Walls said Noah still has medical problems and will need more surgeries, but he is doing so much better than everyone predicted.

“Every time we see the doctors they just shake their head. They’re just amazed at what he can do,” Shelly said.

A follow-up documentary, “The Boy Who Grew a New Brain,” is airing this month in England.