Writer for HBO’s “Girls” Says Abortion is Like “Shooting a Puppy in the Head”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 15, 2017   |   12:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Lena Dunham’s HBO show “Girls” has not been shy about pushing brash immorality and abortion.

A few years ago, Planned Parenthood even gave Dunham an award for what it called the show’s “realistic and honest portrayal of the complex issues facing young women today.” In other words, the show pushed a pro-abortion message.

A new interview with show writer Jenni Konner gave more details about the creators’ thoughts on their abortion messaging for “Girls.” Konner said they considered introducing an abortion plot on the very first episode, but decided the message would not go over well.

In producer Judd Apatow’s words, it would be like shooting a puppy in the head.

The Federalist reports:

Konner revealed that the first episode of “Girls” was supposed to contain an abortion storyline, but the show’s executive producer, Judd Apatow, quashed the idea because it would be too jarring for viewers.

“Judd was like: ‘Don’t lead with it, like you don’t know these characters,” Konner told Alison Rosen in the most recent episode of her podcast. “You can do any story you want once you know the characters.”

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Apatow told Konner that a character having an abortion in the pilot episode of “Girls” would be like “having Kramer (of “Seinfeld”) hold up a puppy and shoot it in the head in the first episode.”

“He was right,” she said. “That wasn’t the first episode to do.”

This appears to be more of a realization of the public’s discomfort with abortion rather than the show’s creators’. In the second episode, they brought abortion into the story; then, they had another character abort her unborn child without telling her boyfriend later in the series.

What ever Apatow’s and Konner’s stance, they sensed the truth about abortion. Poll after poll has indicated that a majority of people think abortion is morally unacceptable.

This widespread moral discomfort often is brushed off by abortion activists as a product of social stigma or religion, but this hides the truth. Most people are uncomfortable with abortion because of the very nature of what it is – the direct, intentional killing of an innocent, vulnerable human being.

The sense that it’s wrong, that it’s immoral comes from the fact that it is wrong and immoral. Human beings are valuable creatures who deserve to be protected, without exception; but currently, our society does make an exception for babies in the womb and allows them to be denied a right to life.