Tell the Hawaii Legislature to Vote “No” on SB 1129 to Legalize Assisted Suicide

State   |   Margaret Dore   |   Feb 15, 2017   |   5:35PM   |   Honolulu Hawaii

SB 1129 legalizes physician-assisted suicide and allows euthanasia as long as actions are taken in “accordance” with the act.

The proposed Oregon style act applies to people with years or decades to live. The act is a recipe for elder abuse.

To view a legal analysis opposing the bill, with supporting documentation, click here. To view the analysis without the supporting documentation, click here.

Tell the Hawaii legislature to vote “No” on SB 1129. Contact info.


• Passing the proposed act will encourage people with years, even decades, to live, to throw away their lives.

• The proposed act is sold as completely voluntary, but does not even have a provision requiring administration of the lethal dose to be voluntary.

• Administration of the lethal dose is allowed to occur in private without a doctor or witness present. If the patient objected or struggled, who would know?

• Elder abuse is already a not well controlled problem. Passing the proposed act will make the situation worse, to effectively allow legal murder.

• Assisted suicide, even when apparently voluntary, can be traumatic for patients and families.

• Passage will create a risk of suicide contagion.

• The proposed Oregon-style “oversight” is a sham and will create the opportunity for a non-governmental entity to displace the proper role of government.

Tell the Hawaii legislature to vote “No” on SB 1129. Contact info. Note: Margaret K. Dore is an elder law/appellate attorney in Washington state. She is a former Law Clerk to the Washington State Supreme Court and a former Chair of the Elder Law Committee of the American Bar Association Family Law Section.