Will Canada Force Doctors to Participate in Assisted Suicides?

International   |   Wesley Smith   |   Feb 8, 2017   |   7:15PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Just a quick post to show you how the slippery slope slip slides away.

Canada’s Supreme Court imposed a nationwide regime on the entire country. An obedient Parliament passed enabling legislation, including “safeguards” to protect against abuse.

Now, these supposedly vital protections — in actuality, they are loosey-goosey — are increasingly seen instead as “hurdles” that interfere with the right to be made dead.

Here’s an example from a journalist’s opinion column out of London, Ontario:

Canadians should be forewarned that the road to a medically assisted death is paved with speed bumps and potholes: that the law and its regulations were hastily devised and are imperfect; that the supply of doctors who are both willing and competent enough to safely assist in a patient’s death is severely limited; and that the pathway to release from suffering can take unexpected and sometimes inexplicable detours.

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Our parliamentarians should look to improve the legislation sooner rather than later.

These “improvements” will likely include such culture-of-death agenda items as a legal mandate for MDs to participate in killing — even if they have religious or moral objections — an expansion of eligibility to specifically include non-terminal conditions, and authority to kill Alzheimer’s patients who asked to be killed in an advance directive.

We need to think about this as the assisted suicide argument unfolds here: Accepting euthanasia changes a society’s collective consciousness.

The impetus to protect life soon morphs into a drive to embrace death.