Pro-Life Victory: Dangerous British Abortion Clinics Turning Away Women From Ireland

International   |   Life Institute   |   Feb 8, 2017   |   10:41AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

The Life Institute has said that a decision by Marie Stopes to begin turning Irish women away from its abortion clinics had the potential to save both mothers and babies.

Spokeswoman Niamh Uí Bhriain said that abortion clinics made hundreds of millions of pounds from exploiting women in crisis, and that both mother and baby benefitted when abortion clinics claimed it would turn women away.

She also said that recent health inspections had forced Marie Stopes to suspend abortion services after the chain was found to have put women at risk with falsified safety checks and lax staff training, while inspections had also found a catalogue of safety issues with a BPAS abortion clinic, including infection control procedures not being followed, no effective systems being in place to ensure resuscitation equipment was regularly checked to protect patients from avoidable harm, and incidents not being properly investigated.

“Most women go for an abortion in fear and panic because they have not been given other life-affirming options,” she said. “Any delay in getting to clinics who sell abortions will lead to lives being saved. British abortion clinics know this, and its why they are openly campaigning to have abortion legalised in Ireland and bring their disturbing industry here,” she said.

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“I would urge women considering abortion to turn to Irish crisis pregnancy centres who are there to actually help and support both mother and baby,” she said. “We’ve seen an almost 50% fall in the number of women from Ireland travelling for abortions in the past decade, and that’s a good thing. Every abortion cancelled is a mother and a baby saved from abortion.”

She said that claims by abortion providers BPAS and Marie Stopes to be unable to cope with demand from Irish women was clearly spurious since 200,000 abortions were carried out in the UK every year, in contrast to less than 4,000 Irish women travelling for abortions.

This industry is aggressively seeking to expand to Ireland, and attacking the 8th amendment to do so. We don’t want their clinics, or their harmful and inhumane attitude to women and babies, in this country,” she said. “Ireland can do better.”