Cecile Richards Says More Women Need to Brag About Their Abortions: “It’s Time to be Bold”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 7, 2017   |   7:48PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood is desperate for support after Americans rejected its pro-abortion candidates in the November election and chose a strong majority of pro-life lawmakers instead.

On Tuesday, the abortion business’s CEO Cecile Richards gave a talk at the Makers Conference urging people to get more involved in abortion advocacy.

Richards, who makes close to $1 million a year, and her supposedly non-profit abortion group stand to lose big money from the federal government. Planned Parenthood currently receives about half a billion dollars of taxpayer funding every year, but the new Congress is working to defund the abortion group. Legislators plan to redirect the tax dollars to federally-qualified community health clinics that offer more comprehensive care but don’t perform abortions.

The Huffington Post reports Richards urged the conference-goers to stick up for Planned Parenthood by attending protests, supporting pro-abortion legislators and sharing stories about their personal experiences.

According to the report:

Richards also made sure to emphasize the power of personal storytelling in changing attitudes and culture, and in reducing the stigma that surrounds our bodies and our health care:

I think it’s time for us to be bold. Share your own story. This is the time to do it. Maybe you were a Planned Parenthood patient… Maybe you remember what it was like to be a young woman, trying to access birth control you could afford so you could finish school… Maybe you had a pregnancy and you had to make a decision and thank goodness you could make that decision in consultation with your doctor and with your family, and not your member of Congress. Those stories are important to share, because you’ll never know the thousands of women that you give courage or comfort to.

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Richards did not mention the word “abortion” in her storytelling pitch, but she certainly meant for those stories to be included. Only stories that put abortion and Planned Parenthood in a positive light are welcome in Richards’ book, however.

The countless women who have had bad experiences at Planned Parenthood are not welcome to share. LifeNews has documented many of these women’s stories. Women repeatedly felt pressured to abort their unborn babies, others learned afterward that the abortion group had lied to them.

Hannah Rose Allen is one of them. Pregnant at 19, she thought having an abortion at Planned Parenthood would solve her problems.

“The counselor at Planned Parenthood had told me that some initial sadness after my abortion would be normal, but after a couple days, if I was still feeling depressed, that wouldn’t be normal, and I should seek help,” Allen wrote in 2013. “How wrong she was. Much of those days before and after my abortion are a blur of heartbreak and tears. Sleepless nights were spent, with agony at the depths of my heart and soul, rattling me to the core. There was nothing ‘wrong’ with me for feeling that way.”

Allen said she learned to heal after she began to realize the source of her pain – her unborn child’s death. She said God brought her comfort through her second child, a girl.

Tegra Little is another. When she went to Planned Parenthood and asked to see the ultrasound image of her child, the staff refused and told her it was against their policy.

“There’s nothing to see, it’s just tissue,” the abortion group told Little. Then, she said they rushed her into the surgery room to perform the abortion.

Since undercover videos revealed Planned Parenthood may be illegally selling aborted babies’ body parts, several women also have accused the abortion chain of coercing them to “donate” their aborted babies for research.

These are some of the many, many stories that Richards and Planned Parenthood do not want the public to hear. It was stories like these that prompted American voters to send a strong team of pro-life legislators to Washington, D.C. to defund the abortion chain and fight for the rights of babies in the womb.