Why Aren’t Abortion Activists Calling Beyonce’s Unborn Babies “Fetuses?”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 3, 2017   |   4:33PM   |   Washington, DC

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, Beyonce is pregnant with twins.

Twin babies, that is. Babies who have their own separate bodies and heartbeats.

The news certainly is nothing to make light of. Every new human being who enters the world is worth celebrating. And Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, should be congratulated.

But their pregnancy announcement highlights a big problem with today’s abortion-minded society. Babies often are only called “babies” when they are wanted. When they aren’t, people often refer to them in less humanizing terms — “fetuses” or sometimes even “blobs of tissue.”

“All of this exposes the left’s glaring inconsistency, but more importantly exposes the harsh reality of abortion, which is merely a mandate of death for the unwanted unborn,” the Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo wrote Thursday.

“The left inherently knows that unborn children are human babies, and call them such when they are wanted, as if merely wanting a baby somehow makes it a baby. Talk about anti-science,” she continued.

Wantedness is a poor measure of the value of a human life. Even our laws recognize this. The United States does not allow women to kill their born children because they do not want them or feel they cannot take care of them. Poverty, a parent’s age or educational goals, abuse and other factors are not legitimate reasons to kill a born child. They should not be acceptable reasons to kill an unborn child either, but right now they are considered to be by many in society.

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Pro-lifers are working to move society away from this destructive thinking by helping women find real solutions to their problems, solutions that do not involve killing innocent human beings. Thousands of pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies and other groups are empowering women with material and emotional assistance to help them overcome their circumstances and give their babies a chance at life. Sometimes this includes free diapers, baby clothes and rent assistance for women struggling financially, or free child care and scholarships for moms still in school. Other times, it’s temporary shelter, counseling and encouragement for moms leaving abusive relationships.

They also provide women with information that affirms their unborn baby’s value. Facts about an unborn baby’s development — their unique set of DNA from the moment of conception or their ability to suck their thumb after just 11 weeks in the womb – help women see that their baby is not just a disposable clump of cells.

Though it may be unintentional, celebrity pregnancy announcements also highlight the value of babies in the womb for all of society to see.

Beyonce herself wrote this week, “I have three hearts” in reference to the twins she is carrying. She affirmed that babies in the womb are not only separate bodies from the mother but also unique and valuable individuals.

Even though just in a subtle way, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement highlighted the reason why pro-lifers work so hard to end abortion. We want every baby in the womb to have the chance at life that they deserve.