Liberal Sierra Club Believes Abortion Helps Protect the Environment

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 3, 2017   |   6:49PM   |   Washington, DC

People who support legalized abortion do so for many different reasons but “for the environment” probably isn’t one that immediately comes to most people’s minds.

That is the position of the Sierra Club, a liberal organization that primarily focuses on environmental issues.

In a recent Fox News interview, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune explained why his environmental organization supports abortion.

“We believe in empowering women’s rights,” Brune told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson. “We believe that women who have rights and who have the ability to have choice about their reproductive—make their own reproductive choices—will help to produce strong families and will help to protect the environment at the same time. Sierra Club is pro-choice.”

Later, when pressed on why abortion is an environmental issue, Brune added: “Abortion helps to address the number of the people that we have on this planet. We feel that one of the ways in which we can get to a sustainable population is to empower women to make choices about their own families.”

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This overpopulation argument has many problems, and taken to its extreme under China’s one child policy, has led to forced abortions, forced sterilizations and other human rights abuses.

The idea that the world is overpopulated largely has been debunked, but even if it was, killing innocent unborn babies should not be a solution any more than killing born human beings should be.

Abortion so often is disguised with rhetoric about “choice” and women’s rights, but these words hide the truth about the nature of what abortion is. An abortion is the deliberate destruction of a unique, living human being, often by brutal, painful methods.

America’s founding fathers established the right to life for human beings as a fundamental value in this country. They recognized that human beings are valuable, irreplaceable, and the protection of human life is of the utmost importance in society.

Today, however, it has been lost for those not yet born. Against babies in the womb discrimination is allowed, even encouraged for the sake of women’s “choice” and even the environment.