President Trump: “Freedom of Religion is a Sacred Right.” I Will Defend Religious Liberty

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 2, 2017   |   12:28PM   |   Washington, DC

During his speech at the national prayer breakfast this morning president Donald Trump said the nation should “never ever, ever” stop asking God for wisdom and he promised to continue protecting religious liberty in the United States.

“For us here in Washington, we must never, ever stop asking God [for help to] serve the public according to his will,” he said.

President Trump called freedom of religion a sacred right and promised that his administration will do everything in its power to protect religious liberty. That includes getting rid of the Johnson amendment that prohibits pastors and churches from speaking out on political issues by making them worry about their nonprofit status being revoked. Trump said that America will flourish “when religious liberty can flourish.”

“Freedom of religion is a sacred right. But also under threat all around us and the world,” President Trump said adding that his “will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land.”

“So I want to express clearly today to the American people that my administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land,” he said. “America must forever remain a tolerant society where all faiths are respected and where all of our citizens can feel safe and secure. We have to feel safe and secure.”

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On the Johnson Amendment, Trump said: “It was the great Thomas Jefferson who said the gGod who gave us life gave us liberty. Jefferson asked, Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God. Among those freedoms is the right to worship according to our own beliefs. That is why I will get rid and totally destroy the Johnson amendment and allow our representatives have faith to speak freely and without fear.”

Trump said he already appreciates the prayers of Americans.

“All around America I’ve met amazing people whose words of worship and encouragement are a burst of strength. What I hear most often as I travel the country are five words that never, ever fail to touch my heart: I am praying for you. I hear it so often. I am praying for you, Mr. President.”

Trump also thanked the brave Americans whop have served in our armed forces for protecting the country.

“From generation to generation, their vision and has kept our liberty alive. Our freedom is won by their sacrifice and our security has been earned with their sweat and blood and tears,” he said.