Actress Ali Larter Was a Planned Parenthood Customer, Now She’s “Excited” to Promote the Abortion Biz

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 26, 2017   |   7:44PM   |   Washington, DC

“Heroes” actress Ali Larter spoke up for the abortion giant Planned Parenthood during an abortion advocacy event Wednesday in Philadelphia.

Larter, joined by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, talked to a crowd of about 400 people about how they can support the abortion group as Congress moves to defund it, People reports. Interestingly, the event was held at a church: the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, according to Newsworks.

“Call your representative and share your story about why it’s important to you,” Larter told the group. “I’m shaken to the core at the thought of them defunding Planned Parenthood, leaving all these women with no place to turn.”

Here’s more from People:

Larter grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, just across the river from Philadelphia. “I was just so excited when they asked me to come to the Planned Parenthood Action Forum,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s something that I’ve really wanted to get involved with because I’ve been hearing about these attacks politicians have been making towards them and I really wanted to know more about what I can do.”

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In a statement about the event, Planned Parenthood cited politicians like Speaker Paul Ryan, who have expressed interest in defunding the program. If this were to happen, the statement warns, millions of women would be denied “access to the cancer screenings, birth control, STD and HIV testing and treatment and other care they rely on.”

Larter said she was a patient of Planned Parenthood as a teenager.

“This policy has nothing to do with abortion, this about cutting women off from cancer screenings, birth control, HIV and STD testing and treatment,” she continued. “And that’s the biggest thing, this shouldn’t be a political issue.”

Larter is wrong. Abortion is exactly the concern that is prompting the defunding plan. Planned Parenthood performs approximately one third of all abortions in the U.S. – about 320,000 a year, according to its own annual reports – and reaps in huge profits doing so.

Many Americans do not want more than half a billion of their tax dollars going to a group that destroys the lives of so many unborn babies every year.

Plus, all Planned Parenthood’s services (minus abortions) can be accessed at federally qualified health centers. To assure women continue to have access to comprehensive health care, Congress plans to redirect Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding to these health centers. Most of them also offer more comprehensive services, such as mammograms and prenatal care — things that Planned Parenthood does not.

The abortion chain is not the essential women’s health care provider that it claims to be. The only “service” Planned Parenthood patients could lose if the defunding plan goes through is abortion.