Planned Parenthood VP Claims “Women Will Die” Because Trump Defunded Its International Group

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 25, 2017   |   12:36PM   |   Washington, DC

President Donald Trump signed a life-saving executive order this week that prohibits international groups from receiving U.S. taxpayer funding if they promote or perform abortions overseas.

Planned Parenthood already is on the attack, making misleading claims that Trump’s reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy will cause women to die.

As reported, the pro-life policy had been in place during the entirety of the George W. Bush administration, but President Barack Obama rescinded it on his first week in office. Named for a 1984 population conference where President Ronald Reagan initially announced it, the Mexico City Policy made it so family planning funds could go only to groups that agree to not do abortions or lobby foreign nations to overturn their pro-life laws.

The policy does not stop non-abortion international assistance. It ensures U.S. foreign aid will continue to go to health care and humanitarian relief in the millions of dollars. It just will not subsidize abortions overseas.

The abortion giant Planned Parenthood, which has an international arm that promotes and provides abortions, blasted Trump’s move in an interview with Democracy Now on Tuesday.

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Vice President Dawn Laguens said this about the policy: “… it is the targeting of the most vulnerable women in the whole world with a policy that is going to mean women will die because of this action. And it is outrageous, contrasted with the [Women’s March on Washington], with the voices of women around the world saying that they expected more.”

Later, Laguens brought up statistics about maternal mortality to make her point; however, she did not cite a source for the numbers.

“I wanted to remind people that when Barack Obama took office eight years ago and reversed the global gag rule, there were some 70,000 women a year dying from these policies being in place,” Laguens said. “That has dropped down to 20,000 now at the end of eight years. And we’re just very fearful that this is going to cause that number, that loss of life, maternal mortality, to skyrocket.”

Several studies actually have shown that pro-life countries have some of the lowest maternal mortality rates. In Ireland, where abortions are illegal, maternal mortality rates are among the lowest in the world. Researchers found similar occurrences in Poland, Chile and Malta. These situations contradict the pro-abortion myth that legalizing abortion reduces maternal mortality.

Laguens also lamented that taxpayer funds no longer will allow groups to recommend abortions for pregnant women infected with Zika, a virus linked to birth defects, or those with HIV/AIDS. Abortion groups frequently recommend abortion when unborn babies are diagnosed with health problems – an often ignored practice of modern day eugenics.

Laguens continued:

Principled organizations around the world will be forced to make a choice as to whether they accept those family planning dollars that they use to provide all kinds of family planning services, if they also are going to stay true to their mission of serving women with the full range of reproductive health services, or at least informing them. I mean, in many cases, this is just about if a woman is going to ask about an abortion, that they can’t refer them to someone who could provide a safe, legal abortion, but have to let them be out in the world trying to figure this out on their own. And it really is insulting to women, their intelligence and their freedom.

But she seems to be implying that women are not smart enough to figure out their options on their own.

Laguens is right that women do deserve to be fully informed and supported, but Planned Parenthood and most other abortion providers don’t do that. They do not tell women that their unborn child is biologically a living, unique human being. They do not inform women of the dozens and dozens of studies linking abortion to increased risks of physical and mental health problems.

An abortion is not healthcare. Killing an unborn child and telling a vulnerable woman that it will solve her problems is not healthcare. True healthcare recognizes that there are two patients involved when a woman is pregnant, and both deserve the best treatment and care.