New Report: 1 Billion Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Worldwide Over the Last 100 Years

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 24, 2017   |   7:33PM   |   Washington, DC

A startling new report about abortions worldwide estimates that 1 billion babies were killed in abortions during the past 100 years.

The new Abortion Worldwide Report is the first to systematically track the number of abortions reported in 100 nations, territories and regions from the year of legalization through 2015, according to the Family Research Council.

Also involved in the expansive new report are Human Life International, Global Life Campaign, Charlotte Lozier Institute and Regent University. Its principle authors are Wm. Robert Johnston, Ph.D., and Thomas W. Jacobson, M.A.

Jacobson, the executive director of the Global Life Campaign, began working with Johnston in 2002 to compile abortion data from countries across the world through two databases, according to a biography at Human Life International. They used their research and database to compile the new worldwide abortion report, the biography states.

Johnston runs a website called Johnston’s Archive, which lists abortion statistics and other data by country. It also provides direct links to its sources, including government reports and research groups’ reports on abortion.

The new global abortion report begins with data from 1920 when the former U.S.S.R. became the first to authorize abortion, according to Human Life International. Today, 136 nations have legalized abortions to some extent, the group reports.

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“… but the 60 nations still prohibiting abortion face relentless international pressure to permit abortion without restriction,” HLI continued in a press release. “We now have nearly a century of evidence documenting what happens when governments authorize abortion: it does not become rare, but increases exponentially. Indeed, in less than one century, abortion has become the Greatest Genocide ever, far surpassing all wars and democides combined.”

More details about the new report will be discussed on Wednesday during an official release event in Washington, D.C.

In May 2016, a report from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion research group and former arm of Planned Parenthood, estimated that 56 million abortions occur worldwide every year.

However, Jacobson and Arina O. Grossu, director for the Center for Human Dignity at the Family Research Council, believed the numbers were “wildly inflated.” Much of the Guttmacher data isn’t verifiable, they said in an article for The Federalist.

They wrote:

It is possible to track 12.4 million actually reported abortions annually worldwide, including in the top three countries of China, the United States, and Russia. But Guttmacher’s assertion that 56.3 million abortions occur worldwide annually is highly improbable and unprovable, not to mention that their total is four and a half times more than the actual documented data available. (Actual abortion data are available here for over 100 nations and territories, including year-by-year for many of them).

Abortions are difficult to track in the United States as well. The U.S. government does not require states to report any abortion data; so, the data available is incomplete. About 47 states report at least some of their abortion data to the Centers for Disease Control every year. The Guttmacher Institute also reports abortion numbers based on surveys it conducts with abortion facilities in all 50 states.