Southwest Airlines Flight Turns on Pink Cabin Lights to Promote Planned Parenthood’s Pro-Abortion March

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 20, 2017   |   6:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Southwest Airlines is delving into abortion politics again.

Mashable reports one or possibly more Southwest flights turned their cabin lights pink on Thursday to show support for the upcoming Women’s March on Washington. The event recently emerged as an abortion advocacy event and kicked out several pro-life groups after initially welcoming them as partners.

“Southwest turns on the pink lights and a loud cheer erupts. #WomensMarch,” Jennifer Moran tweeted this week along with a photo of the flight to D.C.

Another Southwest passenger, Krystal Parrish, also posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “When your Southwest flight crew celebrate a plane full of kickass women and men going to the Women’s March by lighting it up!”

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines told Mashable its crews often celebrate special moments with passengers.

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“Some of our aircraft are equipped with mood lighting and while this was not a companywide initiative, at times, our flight crews will adjust the lighting for a customer or group of customers traveling on their flight,” the spokesperson said. “For example, in October, one of our flight crews changed the lighting to honor a breast cancer survivor on board their flight.”

Though some pro-lifers plan to attend the women’s march to speak up for women’s rights, including those in the womb, the event organizers recently indicated that the march officially supports abortion. Before revealing this position, though, the organizers initially welcomed several pro-life groups as partners. However, they quickly backtracked and kicked out the pro-life groups when abortion activists complained.

It is now clear that this is not a “Women’s” March at all but an anti-Donald Trump and pro-abortion event, Stanton Healthcare spokeswoman Brandi Swindell told LifeNews.

She said: “As a single woman who started a women’s healthcare clinic and a pro-life feminist, I think it is important that there is inclusion, diversity and a broad spectrum of opinions at the ‘Women’s March on Washington.’ That is why we thought it was so important to mobilize women who embrace ending the violence of abortion and standing for human rights and justice for all.”

Another sign of the march’s allegiance to the abortion industry, organizers announced Thursday that highly paid Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards would speak during the event.

Southwest Airlines has a history of supporting pro-abortion groups. In 2014, LifeNews reported the airline was a major fundraiser for a conference that the abortion giant Planned Parenthood was heavily involved in.

The airline also has long been on a list published by the pro-life group Life Decisions International showing it as a corporate contributor to Planned Parenthood.