Hey “Women’s March” Feminists: Low Commitment Sex Doesn’t Promote Women’s Dignity

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 20, 2017   |   7:30PM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion industry wins every time women’s rights are treated as synonymous with abortion.

Lumping the two together is a clever marketing ploy by the abortion industry to paint itself in a better light; but it’s deceptive and deeply insulting.

Women are demeaned by the constant focus on their reproductive organs, as if the only meaningful rights have to do with controlling their bodies by killing their own children. It’s even more demeaning to treat the power women have to conceive and bear children, something men cannot do, as a weakness, a disease when it should be recognized and celebrated as a strength.

Pro-life women who think differently are criticized, condemned and kicked out of mainstream “women’s rights” and feminist groups simply because they think that women do not have to kill their children to be free.

This has been playing out recently with the recent debacle involving the Women’s March on Washington, which claimed to be inter-sectional and inclusive of all women and then proceeded to kick out pro-life partner groups after abortion activists demanded it.

Annie R. MacLean, a spokesperson for Women Speak for Themselves, recently delved further into the problem with the notion that women are empowered by abortion and casual sex.

In a column for The Federalist, MacLean wrote:

Obviously, the past 50 years have seen many positive advances for women’s equality. In the loss category, however, is the prevailing attitude that women’s natural fertility is a disease to be managed and overcome rather than a gift to be respected and incorporated into our notions of relationship and freedom. And to what end? So women can adopt the stunted attitudes toward sex that male chauvinists always hoped they would? “If we can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” indeed seems like a capitulation, not a victory, for the cause of women’s freedom.

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There is a better way forward. The women who organize the March for Life, volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, and champion marriage understand that true freedom is not the freedom to follow one’s whims. True freedom—the kind protected historically by the First Amendment and heralded popularly as a fundamental right until only a couple of years ago—is the freedom to do what one ought.

With regard to so-called “reproductive” or “sexual freedom,” therefore, women and men are truly free when they allow children and their needs, which include commitment between their parents, to shape attitudes about sex. A “women’s freedom” that demands people sacrifice these natural bonds can never be authentic.

This deceptive mentality about rights and freedoms has damaged so many women. Many learned too late that their abortions were the opposite of freeing, that they were lied to. For millions of women, exercising their “right” to an abortion caused deep emotional scars and years of pain.

Killing an unborn child has become society’s cheap, dirty substitute for truly supporting women and their children. And all females – including those in the womb – deserve so much better than that.