Planned Parenthood Kills 35% of All of the Unborn Babies Aborted in the United States

National   |   Rita Diller   |   Jan 19, 2017   |   8:02PM   |   Washington, DC

This week, the Guttmacher Institute came out with a new report on national abortion numbers in the United States for 2013 and 2014.

For those not familiar with abortion reporting in the United States, the official health statistics reporting agency in the country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, does not publish a count of all the abortions in the country. This is because several jurisdictions (e.g. California) do not require the reporting of abortions. Other jurisdictions do not make sure that medication abortions are reported along with surgical abortions.

The Guttmacher Institute, which began operations as the research arm of Planned Parenthood, does a survey of the known abortionists in the United States every couple of years and the abortionists tell the institute how many abortions they did along with other data. Guttmacher then issues a report (like the one that came out yesterday). Although there could be erroneous data, with abortionists overstating or understating the number of abortions, it is the best data available and the numbers are generally accepted by all involved in the fight over the killing of children in the womb.

There is a major omission from all abortion number reports, including this one, which we must point out. Everyone is aware that many so-called contraceptives actually kill human beings in the womb by preventing implantation. Pharmacists for Life estimated years ago that the number of babies who die this way number from 5-10 million a year. Yet no one, including Guttmacher, makes any effort to include these numbers in the number of babies lost to abortion. Thus, the numbers reported below are just the tip of the iceberg.

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According to the just-released Guttmacher Report, the number of medication and surgical abortions continue to decrease in the United States. Guttmacher gives the following numbers for the last five years:

2010   1,102,700

2011   1,058,500

2012   1,011,000

2013     958,700

2014     926,200

You may recall that Planned Parenthood Federation of America previously reported that it had committed 323,999 medication and surgical abortions in 2014. That means that Planned Parenthood admits to committing 35 percent of all the abortions in the country. And still PP thinks it should get our taxpayer money so it can continue running its killing centers.

A final look at the 2014 numbers will help bring home the real fact that, although the numbers have gone down slightly, the horror still continues. Using the 2014 numbers, in the United States there are:

926,200 surgical and medication abortions a year

2,538 surgical and medication abortions a day

106 surgical and medication abortions an hour

7 surgical and medication abortions every 4 minutes

1 surgical or medication abortion every 34 seconds

When the numbers we do report show that an innocent human being is put to death every 34 seconds in the United States, there is no reason at all to celebrate. God creates each human being for a specific purpose. Yet every 34 seconds we tell God that He made a mistake. He really didn’t mean to send THAT baby to us. What He planned for THAT baby just wasn’t important.

May God have mercy on our country. Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.