Pro-Abortion Sen. Dick Blumenthal Slanders Pro-Life Group, Falsely Claims it Promotes Killing Abortionists

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 10, 2017   |   6:00PM   |   Washington, DC

A prominent pro-abortion member of the U.S. Senate is under fire today for slandering the name of a pro-life group and falsely claiming it supports killing abortion practitioners.

Today during the confirmation hearing of Sen. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, Democrat Sen. Dick Blumenthal made completely false and slanderous statement against Operation Rescue and its president, Troy Newman.

Blumenthal wrongly described Operation Rescue as a group that advocates execution of abortion providers, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Operation Rescue has a long history of peaceful activism within the law in advocating for innocent life.

Blumenthal also displayed a “wanted” poster targeting abortion provider George Tiller and attributed it falsely to Operation Rescue. This organization never circulated that poster and never called for anyone to harm Dr. Tiller.

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Blumenthal also falsely accused Operation Rescue of calling for the murderer of Dr. Tiller to be treated as a political prisoner. Operation Rescue never made any such statement and has always been clear that murder or other violent acts are an unacceptable means of advocacy.

Operation Rescue to0ld LifeNews today that Blumenthal should “retract his false and slanderous statements and issue a public apology to Operation Rescue and Troy Newman.”

“That was a cheap shot by a hack politician who thinks he can lie about us with impunity and without consequences in order to advance his political agenda,” said Newman. “We are considering legal action to protect our good reputation.”

In a statement against violence, Operation Rescue says:

Operation Rescue was among the first to denounce the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller in 2009. All accusations, implications, or inferences that there was any involvement by Operation Rescue in the death of George Tiller is completely false. Operation Rescue and its staff were not involved in any way. Operation Rescue explicitly denounces violence in any form as a means of ending abortion.