38-Year-Old Woman Dies After Having an Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 9, 2017   |   4:27PM   |   Raipur, India

Police in India are investigating a woman’s death after she had an abortion on Friday and died shortly after it, NewsX reports.

The woman, Ratna Punram, 38, was from Thailand but working and living with her sister, Pobina, near Raipur, India on a tourist visa, according to the report. The sisters reportedly worked at a spa in the area.

According to police, Punram’s sister rushed her to the hospital on Thursday after she began experiencing severe stomach pains and vomiting. Doctors at the hospital discovered that Punram was two months pregnant, and she decided to have an abortion, according to the report.

The report continues:

During the abortion, her health deteriorated and was referred to a hospital in Raipur. However, she died on the way.

Trivialising the issue, Pobina tried to hide her sister’s pregnancy details from police. After the incident, Bhilai police have raided various spas and massage centres of the Bhilai district and have seized their licenses.

Reportedly, all centres have been sealed by the police and foreigners working in such centres are being investigated.

Police learned of the woman’s death after Pobina and a third individual who lived with them were discovered trying to transport Punram’s dead body at the Raipur airport, according to the report.

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The report is not clear whether the woman died from the abortion or other health complications, but her unborn child’s death likely was caused by the procedure. Though little attention is drawn to it, women sometimes die along with their unborn babies after having abortions in hospitals, abortion facilities or other health clinics – facilities that are supposed to be safe.

In the past few years, LifeNews has reported several women’s deaths due to botched abortions. In 2015, a pro-life group in California learned that a woman reportedly died after a botched abortion in San Diego. In 2014, Lakisha Wilson died after a alleged botched abortion at an Ohio facility; and 22-year-old Tonya Reaves bled to death after a Chicago Planned Parenthood clinic allegedly botched her abortion in 2012. And these are just a few tragic cases that pro-lifers have discovered.

The Centers for Disease Control reports four women died after complications from abortions in 2012 in the United States, the latest year for which it has data. However, the CDC data is not complete, meaning that there could be more.