Pro-Abortion Billionaire George Soros Launches Campaign to Topple Pro-Life Laws in Catholic Countries

International   |   Erin Parfet   |   Jan 6, 2017   |   10:27AM   |   Washington, DC

George Soros has his eye on the Emerald Isle as the launching point for a bold new crusade against life.

Soros, one of the world’s richest men with a net worth of $24.9 billion according to Forbes, has a three-year plan to overturn pro-life legislation not only in Ireland, but also throughout Latin America, Africa, Europe and Tasmania, the Catholic News Agency reports.

“With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there [Ireland] could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places,” a Soros campaign document stated.

The document further elaborates on the goals of the Soros mission, including his desire to “stem, mitigate and reverse the tide of fetal personhood laws and constitutional amendments … [and initiate] a robust set of organizations advancing and defending sexual and reproductive rights and injecting new thinking/strategy into the field.”

Reflecting the will of the people, the Eighth Amendment was added to the Irish Constitution in 1983 stating, “the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.” Specifically, the Soros campaign seeks to overturn this amendment to allow access to abortion, the Catholic News Agency reports.

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There have been rallies in Dublin and among expatriate populations seeking a referendum to overturn Irish abortion laws, according to the Independent. However, the flavor changes when the pressure comes from international influences rather than the home front.

“The idea that an outside body would fund and organize groups in Ireland to dismantle Ireland’s protection for the unborn child would represent a gross interference and total contempt for the Irish people,” Cora Sherlock, deputy chairperson of the Ireland group the Pro-Life Campaign, told the Catholic News Agency.

Abortion is currently illegal and carries criminal charges in Ireland, though exceptions are granted in the rare circumstance of the mother’s health being endangered, according to the Irish Family Planning Association (IFRA). Rape, incest and congenital diseases are not valid reasons for an abortion under Irish law.

With such restrictions, it is believed that 5,000 women annually seek abortion abroad, according to the IFRA. England is a frequent destination for such women, permitting abortion up to 24 weeks. Time reports that more than 5,000 women turn to the internet to try to access the abortion medications in spite of the stringent laws in their home country.

“It is not a surprise that international pro-abortion groups are trying to impose their agenda on Ireland,” Sherlock continued in her report to the Catholic News Agency. “Ireland’s excellent record of safety in pregnancy for women without recourse to abortion is a major source of embarrassment to abortion campaigners as it completely undermines their argument that abortion somehow helps women.”

“Thousands of Irish citizens are alive today thanks to this law,” Sherlock elaborated. “In addition to this, Ireland has demonstrated that it’s possible to ban abortion and also be a world leader in protecting the lives of pregnant women.”

However, Soros is not content simply to dismantle Irish law against the will of the Irish people. According to documents from his organization, he envisions similar campaigns to dismantle local laws in South Africa, Mexico, Eastern Europe, Asia and the South Caucuses, according to the Catholic News Agency. Soros appears to be content to not only systematically dismantle moral law and order regarding the right to life in the United States and most recently, Ireland, but throughout the world, one domino at a time.