Abortion Activists Promote Having Abortions at Home “To Spare Women the Ordeal” of Going to a Clinic

International   |   Erin Parfet   |   Dec 26, 2016   |   6:35PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

There are numerous stories of complications from abortions, or the horrifying stories of abortions gone wrong, even when performed by licensed medical professionals. However, one British physician is advocating for changes in abortion law allowing for women to be able to perform drug-induced abortions in so-called comfort their own homes.

“That first pill could be taken at home and the second one too, in selective cases. This would make it less of an obstacle course,” Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, clinical lead for abortion services at Cambridge University Hospitals told the Daily Mail. “It would make it simpler for women who are already in a difficult situation to access something they do have a right to.”

Dr. Goldbeck-Wood is also calling for nurses to have the ability to sign abortion consent forms rather than requiring the signature of a medical doctor. She believes nurses are more likely to have conversed with the patient about the decision.

The most common chemical abortion regimen includes two medications taken 48 hours apart, Mifeprex and misoprostol. The combined pharmacological effects initiate bleeding, ultimately terminating the pregnancy. The two intentional, separate trips to the facility at least ensure women take the medications in proper doses at the proper time, and that the proper patient is indeed receiving the medication.

In an emotional, often traumatic decision, women may think they can “get it over with” faster taking the medications together and not waiting the 48 hours, all while not being under the care of a physician monitoring for adverse effects. This puts women at tremendous risk of unintended consequences and harm.

Women are twice as likely to be hospitalized after chemical abortions than surgical abortions, the Daily Mail reports.

“Reducing the regulations surrounding abortions, including having women abort at home and having nurses delivering abortions, places the health and safety of women at risk,” Clara Watson of Charity Life told the Daily Mail.

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Watson continues: “While we understand the needs of the abortion industry to maximize profits by making abortion access easier with no questions asked, we also recognize the duty of the Government to act when necessary to protect women from exploitation.”