Girl Saved From Sex-Selective Abortion in China After Her Mother Aborted Two Other Girl Babies

International   |   Reggie Littlejohn   |   Dec 23, 2016   |   12:44PM   |   Beijing, China

As 2016 draws to an end, we at Women’s Rights Without Frontiers want to thank you for joining us in what we believe is the biggest human rights battle in the world.

Because of you, baby girls like “Ai Jia” have escaped the tyranny of China’s anti-girl culture and are the pride and joy of their families. Now that’s joy to the world!

Ai Jia’s mother was pregnant three times before she discovered she was pregnant with Ai Jia. Her first child is a daughter. With her next two pregnancies, when she found out she was pregnant with girls, she aborted them. Her husband’s parents really wanted a grandson and could not accept a second granddaughter.

Then, Ai Jia’s mother found out that she was pregnant again, with yet another girl. Her mother-in-law began to pressure Ai Jia’s mother again, insisting that she give this baby to a childless couple living 300 miles away from their remove village.

Ai Jia’s mother did not know what to do! Our undercover fieldworker arrived at her door just in time with a message of hope and the resources to back it up. She offered Ai Jia’s mother a monthly stipend for a year to help her keep Ai Jia.

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Ai Jia’s mother had already had two sex-selective abortions. Because of our fieldworker’s emotional encouragement and your financial support, this distraught mother is joyfully raising her beloved daughter. She said that she is grateful that people from a faraway land have protected her and her daughter from mistreatment by their own family. Note: Reggie Littlejohn is the Founder and President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.