Hey Lena Dunham: There is a “Stigma” Surrounding Abortions Because Killing Babies is Pure Evil

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 22, 2016   |   11:43AM   |   Washington, DC

Lena Dunham became a trending topic on Twitter earlier this week after outrage erupted over her latest statement about abortion.

On her latest podcast, Dunham said she “wishes” that she had had an abortion, as her mother and many of her friends did.

After LifeNews and other outlets reported on her comments, people on both sides of the abortion debate criticized Dunham for being so callous about such a sensitive topic. Dunham quickly apologized. She claimed her comment was a bad “joke” from a “delusional girl” perspective that “careens between wisdom and ignorance.”

However, Dunham’s real fault – in the public eye – seems to have been being overly frank about her position. Her statement embodies the messaging of abortion activists, who tell women that abortion is a normal, simple medical procedure.

Other abortion activists have been saying similar things for years, though in more subtle, well-spun terms; and there’s been little public outcry, other than from active pro-lifers.

In recent years, abortion activists have made a concerted effort to convince the public that abortion is just another medical procedure. They claim access to abortion is key to women’s empowerment and success.

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They put on plays and storytelling campaigns that label abortion as “normal.” Their supporting politicians no longer say abortions should be “rare” because “rare” makes abortion seem like a bad thing.

They have convinced popular TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “Scandal” to portray abortion as if it was a simple matter, too. And they’ve come up with their own movies — “abortion comedies” – to attempt to de-stigmatize the killing of unborn children.

They often deny that there are any long-term negative consequences. A new study from pro-abortion researchers even claimed to show that women who had abortions were better off psychologically than women who gave birth to their unborn babies.

Dunham might as well have said she wished she had braces growing up, according to this line of thinking. For decades, abortion facilities have compared having an abortion to getting a tooth pulled.

Dunham’s statement exposed the truth about this deceptive line of thinking. And fortunately, the outrage that proceeded indicates that the American people are not being swayed by radical abortion activists’ attempts to “normalize” abortion.

Whether or not people support legalized abortion, most still find it morally troubling. And the reason is because of the undeniable fact that an abortion kills an innocent human life.

Matt Walsh, a popular columnist for The Blaze, pointed this out in his most recent column:

… abortion is legal, but that does not change the fact that it is a heinous evil. And because it is a heinous evil, despite the law, there is still a whisper of something, a sense, an instinct, an innate understanding that Lena Dunham even hears and feels herself. It’s this nagging voice that says to the most avid pro-abort, to every woman who has killed her child no matter how deep her denial, to every sentient human being: “This is wrong. This is shameful. This is murder.”

This is what the pro-abortion camp calls “stigma.” They blame it on society. They blame it on the Patriarchy. They blame it on pro-lifers. But those are ridiculous cop outs and they know it.

Later, Walsh added:

When a woman “shouts her abortion,” she’s not shouting at us. She’s shouting at herself to drown out her conscience. When Lena Dunham complains of a “stigma,” she’s really complaining about the existence of the ingrained Natural Law which gives all human beings an innate understanding of right and wrong.

Fortunately, there is help and healing for individuals who are struggling with the pain and regret of a past abortion. Pro-life organizations run many of these programs, reaching thousands each year with compassion and care. These programs recognize that healing from the pain of abortion begins at the source: The unjust destruction of an innocent unborn child’s life.