Liberal Web Site Salon Celebrates Christmas With the Top 10 Abortions on TV in 2016

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 19, 2016   |   3:53PM   |   Washington, DC

‘Tis the season to celebrate abortions, according to Salon.

On Sunday, the liberal website published its list of TV’s top 10 “best abortion moments of 2016,” claiming that it was a “bad year for real abortion rights, but a good year for fictional ones.”

In the past year, a number of TV shows did push a radical, pro-abortion agenda in ways that they have not attempted in the past.

Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams (the same writer of the piece “So what if abortion ends a life?”) wrote: “The Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision is now almost old enough to be in menopause, but until recently, prime time television has still had a skittish relationship with reproductive choice. Pregnancy storylines have tended to end in either conveniently well-timed miscarriages or shark-jumping babies. But in 2016, that changed.”

One of the shows that launched entertainment TV’s open promotion of abortion in 2016 was “Scandal.” Its 2015 Christmas episode depicted main character Olivia Pope smiling as she aborted her unborn child while “Silent Night” played in the background. The show made Salon’s top 10 list for 2016 because it continued to promote abortion as if it was something good for women. Williams said Pope’s character maintained that she was “not ashamed at all” of her abortion.

Another show that made the top 10 was “Jane the Virgin.” Initially, pro-lifers praised the show for having its main character choose life for her unborn child in a very difficult circumstance. In 2016, however, the show took a pro-abortion turn.

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“So when Jane’s free-spirited mother Xiomara found herself knocked up again thanks to an ill-advised one-night stand, it seemed the show was heading toward adding another baby to the mix. Instead, between the season premiere and second episode, Xo terminated the pregnancy offscreen — and the matter was honestly, supportively addressed, and then dropped,” Williams wrote.

Others that made the list were “Difficult People,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” “You’re the Worst” and “Bojack Horseman.” Williams also included the talk show “The View,” Samantha Bee’s comedy show and the pro-abortion documentary “Trapped.”

William’s No. 1 spot, however, went to the final presidential debate when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred over late-term and partial-birth abortions.

She wrote: “Proving yet again that he knows nothing about how pregnancy or babies or women’s bodies operate, newly woke ‘pro-life’ candidate Donald Trump condemned late-term abortion by declaring, ‘In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb.’ (This is not a thing.)”

Actually, it is a thing, but Williams and so many others in the mainstream media avoid anything that hints about the reality of abortion.

An abortion destroys a unique, living human being’s life in a gruesome, potentially painful way. The TV shows that Salon praises for supposedly showing what an abortion is really like never mention the medical facts about how an abortion works or how an unborn child develops. They do not bring up how frequently women feel pressured or coerced into aborting an unborn child, or how many painfully regret their decision years later. Instead, they showed what abortion activists wanted them to show. They presented abortion as nothing more than a normal, simple medical procedure.

Rather than the top 10, these shows should be on the bottom 10 for pushing an agenda that deceives women and destroys hundreds of thousands of unborn babies’ lives every single year.