Amazing New Pregnancy App Shows the Humanity of Unborn Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 19, 2016   |   12:03PM   |   Washington, DC

It is baffling how abortion activists continue to deny an unborn baby’s humanity, given the scientific evidence and wealth of information now available to women online.

But they do, and last week, Bethany Mandel, a writer for The Federalist, got to hear about it.

Mandel is 20-weeks pregnant, so when Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill last week to prohibit abortions on pain-capable unborn babies after 20 weeks, she tweeted about the legislation.

“One of the more common tweets I received was that I was carrying tissue, not an actual baby,” Mandel wrote at The Federalist. “How has the pro-abortion lobby continued this lie about the science behind fetal development? And why do we let them? As any pregnant woman with a smartphone can attest, the information is out there.”

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One person commented on her post: “It’s not a person yet. Same as how a half-baked cake is still batter, not a cake yet.”

Another added: “Your baby is a baby because you want it, gurl. Not everyone feels the same about the fetus inside them.”

An unborn baby’s humanity is based on facts, not feelings, however, and pro-lifers are not the only ones pointing to these facts.

In her column, Mandel brought up a popular pregnancy app called Sprout, which depicts the unborn baby in different stages as he or she develops and provides detailed information about the baby’s growth and abilities. The app was written by doctors, according to the company.

For example, Sprout tells expecting moms that, at 14 to 15 weeks, the unborn baby shows “simple facial gestures,” such as grimacing and squinting. By 17 weeks, unborn babies can hear sounds, the app tells expecting moms; and by 19 weeks, unborn babies have been observed making “intricate facial gestures, such as frowning or smiling.”

For those who don’t have smartphones, the Endowment for Human Development is another online pregnancy resource that includes detailed images and descriptions of an unborn baby’s development, week by week.

For anyone who may question these facts, EHD includes dozens of footnotes that cite the research for each specific piece of information: from when a baby’s heart begins to beat to when doctors have first observed them sucking their thumbs.

Modern technology has become a great tool in the fight to protect unborn babies from abortion. In this information age, expecting moms easily can — and should — fact check abortion activists’ statements. If they do, they quickly will realize that their unborn child is not the blob of tissue or clump of cells that the abortion industry claims. The unborn child is a unique, growing human being complete with his/her own individual DNA.