Pro-Abortion Group Tells Its Members to Use Christmas to Promote Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 16, 2016   |   5:30PM   |   London, England

The Christmas celebration is centered around the birth of the Christ child, but a UK group is using the holiday to push abortion.

Abortion is illegal in Ireland, but the country is facing global pressure from the United Nations and pro-abortion groups, backed by some of the world’s richest men, to legalize abortion on demand by repealing its Eighth Amendment.

The London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign is upping the pressure this Christmas by urging women to to advocate for abortion on social media as they travel during the holidays.

Marie Claire reports more about the pro-abortion Christmas campaign:

This Christmas, a new campaign called #choiceforxmas is being launched by the London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign – a collective of London-based Irish expats who are part of the 600-strong network of people lobbying for choice [abortion] and change in Ireland. They are calling for a mass social media ‘check in’ for Irish expats going home for Christmas to show their support for women travelling in the other direction, by ‘checking in’ at ferry ports and airports using the hashtag #choice4xmas. …

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According to the pro-abortion group, it wants to highlight the stories of women who travel from Ireland to other parts of Europe to get abortions. It claims as many as 77 Irish women per week are “forced” to travel to England to have abortions.

The report continues:

Siobhan Fenton, spokesperson for London-Irish ARC says, ‘Christmas is such a happy time for me. I miss my family, I miss the country, so arriving at the terminal and hearing the accents, everyone laughing and joking, I already feel like I’m home. But knowing that, if I was pregnant, I would be afraid to go back there is a really tough thing to even think about. What if something went wrong? Would I be able to get out quickly enough? My life doesn’t seem to matter to my own community, and the law backs that up.’

Fenton is wrong, though. Her life matters, and so does an unborn child’s. Irish laws currently protect both mother and child equally. The Eighth Amendment recognizes that unborn babies have a right to life and protects them from abortion. It prohibits abortions except when the mother’s life is in jeopardy.

Pro-lifers estimate that the constitutional amendment has saved approximately 100,000 unborn babies’ lives from abortion in Ireland.

Women in Ireland are not “forced” to travel to England or other parts of Europe to abort their unborn babies. Women can choose to parent or make an adoption plan for their child. The life-affirming choices that Irish laws promote ensure that the rights of the baby as well as the mother are protected.