“Abortion Does Not Preserve a Woman’s Life, It Preserves Her Lifestyle,” Writer Says

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 16, 2016   |   7:39PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists have enjoyed quite a bit of media attention lately to voice their gripes about new abortion regulations in Texas and Ohio, the incoming Congress, Donald Trump’s administration and more.

The Blaze columnist Matt Walsh recently wrote about a common thread in many of the abortion activists’ comments – an ironic claim that their abortion work is life-saving.

Walsh wrote:

One common theme amidst the leftist freak-out is that this law [in Ohio banning abortions after 20 weeks] is “dangerous” because it might force a woman in a high risk pregnancy to carry a child to term, killing her in the process.

This is the fabled “life of the mother” abortion excuse that we’re sure to hear ad nauseum anytime any state attempts to pass even the most meager regulations on the abortion industry. According to pro-abortion radicals, even the Texas law requiring humane treatment of dead babies might somehow result in the deaths of countless women. In Abortion World, abortion saves more lives than it takes. Pregnancy is more fatal than pancreatic cancer and the only thing preventing millions of women from dying from it is abortion. Pregnancy is a disease and abortion is the cure, they believe.

Here’s how one reader put it to me through email last night:

Matt, many women would be DEAD without abortion. Is that what you want? I thought you’re “pro-life”???? What if a woman needs to get an abortion to save her life. Are YOU going to tell her she has to DIE for the sake of a fetus? Is the GOVERNMENT going to tell her that? You’re not “pro-life”…. you’re pro-birth. You don’t give a sh*t about the women who will now die in Ohio because you think you should have a say over what they do with their bodies.

It’s interesting how often abortion activists try to describe their work as life-saving. They refer to unsafe and back alley abortions (while failing to note that women still are being injured and dying today in legal abortion facilities, or that they oppose basic health and safety regulations for those facilities) and mention discredited numbers of women’s abortion deaths prior to Roe v. Wade.

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And of course when they say life-saving, they mean the mother only. The unborn child’s life almost never gets mentioned. Roe v. Wade has led to the destruction of more than 58 million unborn babies’ lives through abortion in the past 43 years.

Still, it is ironic how, in couching their activism in such terms, they acknowledge that human lives – some human lives anyway, not all – are valuable and deserving of protection. In doing so, they basically defeat their own argument for abortion. If only they would use their energy to help save all human lives, rather than advocating for killing some to save others (allegedly).

Later, Walsh continued:

Abortion has never saved a life. It is not designed to. It is designed, instead, to preserve the lifestyle of the mother. A baby’s life and her mother’s life are never in competition. We are never required to “choose between the two,” as abortion advocates often claim. What may be in conflict, however, is the baby’s life and the mother’s preferred lifestyle. Again, the vast, vast, vast majority of abortions are performed for reasons no more complicated than this. Ultimately, this is why all abortions are performed, even if the mother is tricked into thinking that there are nobler reasons behind it.

And many women find out after their abortions that it was damaging to them as well. Some are damaged physically, others emotionally after aborting their unborn child. Many discover that aborting their unborn child did not give them the life that they wanted.

Ultimately, though, what abortion activists fail to understand or choose not to, is that pro-lifers want to protect every life from abortion. That includes the unborn child, the mother, the father, grandparents, siblings and society as a whole. Pro-lifers do not just want to make abortion illegal, we want it to be unthinkable. We don’t want women to die in back alley or at-home abortion attempts any more than we want their unborn babies to.

That’s why the pro-life movement has so many different facets – legislative work, educational work, community outreach, material assistance and more. We want every child to have a chance at life and every woman to be empowered with the support she needs to choose life for that child.