This Baby Conceived in Rape Was Saved From Abortion After His Mom Saw an Ultrasound of Him

National   |   Erin Parfet   |   Dec 15, 2016   |   7:19PM   |   Washington, DC

“Forever blessed,” the title of a touching blog post by Danielle in Pennsylvania revealed her joy for the life of her youngest son, Eli Samuel, who was born as a result of rape.

The blog that featured Danielle’s story,, is an online platform run by Juda Myers, who herself was born after her mother was raped, to provide testimonies and encouragement to mothers who have been raped as well as their children.

Danielle explained that she was raped while under the influence of pain medication.

“Some kind of sick, cruel joke. I just can’t be,” she wrote. “I had just fallen into the category of women I said that was okay to have an abortion. I was raped and carrying his child. I had made no choice in the matter, yet I was stuck.

“I wrestled back and forth with abortion or continuing the pregnancy. I had a second test done at a women’s center to confirm the home one. I went on auto pilot mode I guess…I called an OB office to make an appointment. They had me schedule an ultrasound because they were unsure of gestational age,” she continued.

Then, she saw something that made up her mind – her unborn son’s image.

“Once I saw the screen and I saw he had already formed into a baby. My mind was made up…I realized all that I couldn’t abort this child inside of me,” Danielle continued.

Danielle is not alone. An Elliot Institute survey found that 69 percent of women pregnant from rape or incest chose life for the baby, either raising the baby themselves or pursuing adoption.

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The survey also found 80 percent of the women who elected abortion ultimately felt this was the wrong decision, a decision that only intensified the psychological effects of an already traumatic event. Furthermore, many victims of incest experienced social pressures to abort the child against their wishes by family members or the perpetrator, according to the research.

The Elliot Institute statistics elaborate to say that none of the women (0 percent) of those who chose life for their babies despite the circumstances of conception regretted the decision for life. None wish they had aborted.

Danielle concluded: “I am so glad I didn’t abort my youngest son because of the sin of his father. He has brought so much into my life, the life of my church and others… Life wouldn’t be the same without my precious little man Eli!”