Her Body is “Crushed” by Chemo But She Won’t Let Daddy Carry Her to Bed: “I’ll Make It”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 15, 2016   |   12:35PM   |   Washington, DC

A little girl’s slow journey up the stairs to her bed is inspiring tens of thousands of people to keep fighting when life gets tough.

Darran, the daughter of CBS Pittsburgh radio show host Colin Dunlap, is suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Dunlap recently posted a short video of 5-year-old Darran on Twitter, showing her determined journey up the stairs to bed.

“my daughter’s body is crushed by chemo but she won’t let me carry her up steps to bed. ‘I’ll make it,’ she says each night-and does. so tough,” Dunlap wrote online Sunday.

In another tweet, Dunlap added, “may that previous tweet give you some motivation to press on; garner some will to do something you think is too tough. she does that for me.”

In less than a day, the little girl’s determination captured the hearts of more than 125,000 people on Twitter. Thousands more wrote messages of encouragement to the family online.

In November, about a week after Darran was diagnosed with cancer, Dunlap wrote a column for CBS Pittsburgh about his daughter’s cancer struggles.

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“She went to Children’s Hospital complaining of hip pain; they told us she has leukemia,” Dunlap wrote. “It isn’t ideal, but all we can do is push through the chemotherapy she’s already started, wake each day to fight the one in front of us, be positive and press on.”

Dunlap said his family has been overwhelmed by well-wishes and support from the community. Darran, an avid sports fan, even received a visit from Pittsburgh Panthers running back James Conner, her father said.

In November, Dunlap vowed to fight hard for his little girl’s life; but now, she is the one impressing him with her strength to tackle life’s difficulties.

“She has become my hero …” Dunlap wrote.