Facebook Will Use Pro-Abortion Media Outlets to Censor So-Called “Fake News”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 15, 2016   |   2:54PM   |   Washington, DC

Facebook, the largest social media website in the world, has announced its plan to crack down on so-called “fake news.”

But the plan from Facebook should have pro-life advocates up in arms because it relies on pro-abortion media outlets to determine what news is fake and what news is truthful. There is a grave concern and danger that pro-life news and accurate information about abortion and pro-life topics will be censored by Facebook as a result of the pro-abortion viewpoints of the media outlets it has chosen to determine what is fake or not.

Here is more on Facebook’s plan:

Facebook thinks it has figured out how to stop the spread of fake news: It’s going to ask journalists to tell them if something’s fake, and then it will ask users not to share it.

  • Facebook will ask users to report fake news by clicking on a button at the top right of a story they think is dubious. It will also use its software to look for signs of fake news stories that are getting traction.
  • If Facebook thinks its users and/or its software have found a fake news story, it will ask a consortium of journalists to fact-check the story.
  • If the journalists think the story is bogus, Facebook will flag the story as “disputed by third-party fact-checkers.”
  • That “disputed” banner will be attached to the story within Facebook’s News Feed, and Facebook will tweak its algorithms to make sure “disputed” stories don’t get as much traction in the feed*.
  • And users who do want to share a “disputed” story will get a prompt asking them if they’re really sure they want to share the story.
  • Facebook also says it will try to make it harder for publishers to profit by publishing fake news, though it is vague about what that will mean.

The post, from Facebook News Feed boss Adam Mosseri

, doesn’t really describe its plan to fact-check fake news, but I’ve asked around to get a bit more detail.

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Facebook is working with four news organizations/fact-checking groups — ABC News, Politifact, FactCheck and Snopes — which have agreed to vet potentially fake stories that Facebook sends them and publish their findings. But Facebook won’t flag the stories as “disputed” unless at least two of the fact-checking groups say there’s a problem.

But the problem with these fact checkers is that they frequently take a pro-abortion position. ABC News has been repeatedly called out for its pro-abortion bias and the website Snopes has orchestrated an entire campaign to deny the exposure of Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics selling the body parts of aborted babies for profit.

As a report carried at LifeNews indicated, ABC News expressly denied that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry were selling the body parts of aborted babies.

As Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus appeared as a guest on Sunday’s This Week show on ABC, host George Stephanopoulos pressed the RNC chairman on whether Indiana Governor Mike Pence, as Donald Trump’s running mate, would hurt the party with his pro-life views, and, after Priebus recalled the videos of Planned Parenthood selling aborted fetal tissue, the ABC host was in denial as he asserted that “There was never any proof of selling fetal parts.”

Will ABC News call any reports on the investigation related to the sale of abort baby parts — which has resulted in Congress calling for criminal charges — “fake news” and will Facebook censor such stories as a result?

Politifact is the alleged fact-checking site which has for years almost invariably insisted on calling obvious truths stated by pro-life advocates“Half True” at best and which has also taken flat-out lies by abortion advocates and pretend they contain some element of truth. Politifact has been found to be misleading about Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda and it once falsely claimed late-term abortion activist Wendy Davis “opposes abortion.”

Anyone on Facebook who is pro-life or concerned about the truth on abortion should be very worried about the potential for pro-abortion censorship given this latest announcement.