She Was Supposed to Die Before Birth, But Now Clara is Seeing Her First Snowfall

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 14, 2016   |   4:07PM   |   Washington, DC

If Clara Ray Morton’s mother had listened to her doctors’ advice, the little girl may never have had the chance to sit on Santa Claus’ lap or watch her first snowfall.

Early in her pregnancy, doctors told Johanna Morton that Clara had a life-threatening heart condition, and suggested that abortion was the “safest option,” according to the New York Daily News.

However, Johanna told Inside Edition that she refused to consider aborting her unborn daughter because she is a Christian and against abortion.

“They told me many times” to abort, she said. “I believe she was given to me for a reason and it was up to Him to call her home or not.”

First, doctors thought Clara would not make it past 18 weeks of pregnancy; then when she did, they said she likely would be stillborn, the family said on their GoFundMe page.

Johanna and Clara defied the predictions and made it safely through the pregnancy. After 37 weeks in the womb, Clara was born via C-section, according to the report. Now 5 months old, Clara has many health problems, but her parents said they are thankful that she is alive.

“I am thankful, for the hard days and nights,” her mother posted on Facebook on Thanksgiving. “I am thankful for the tears I cry, while holding my baby. I am thankful, I get to be thankful for these things and so much more. …

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“I am thankful, I get to be terrified of losing her. It has taught me to truly be thankful for every single moment. Every single breath she breathes.”

The little girl depends on an oxygen tank, a pace maker and several medications, according to the report. The Mortons said there is no cure for Clara’s conditions, and their lives are full of doctors’ visits.

Still, her family is working hard to make sure she is happy and loved. Recently, the Mortons shared a photo online of Clara watching her first snowfall at their upstate New York home. They said she also visited Santa Claus and sat on his lap.

“She was like mesmerized,” Johanna said. “She just kept smiling.”

The Mortons said they do not know how much longer Clara will live. She has congenital heart defects, a heart block and Heterotaxy Syndrome. She already has had heart surgery, and doctors said she needs several more. Despite all the problems, the Mortons believe their little daughter’s life is a blessing.

“We will continue to soak up every single second, God blesses us with our sweet baby girl,” her mother said.

Follow the family’s journey online at Prayers for Clara Ray.