Samantha Bee Slams Bill to Ban Abortions, Says Pro-Lifers Like “Sticking Your Face in a Teen’s Vagina”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 14, 2016   |   4:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Samantha Bee calls herself a comedian, but her form of “comedy” is little more than insults and sexual innuendos that attack those she disagrees with politically.

One of her favorite targets is pro-lifers. On her Monday night TV show, Bee lobbed insults at Ohio after its legislature passed a bill to prohibit abortions when an unborn baby has a detectable heartbeat, about 22 days after conception, Entertainment Weekly reports. That bill, as well as a second, overlapping bill to prohibit abortions on pain-capable unborn babies after 20 weeks, are headed to Gov. John Kasich’s desk.

“What the hell, Ohio? At six weeks, most women won’t even know they’re pregnant,” Samantha Bee said. Later, she added, “I guess in Ohio, sticking your face in a teenager’s vagina doesn’t count as child abuse.”

Her crude comments continued:

“On Election Night, Republican state senators came so hard they passed out. Then they got up and got busy squirting out ever-more unconstitutional laws in the hope one of them would make it to SCOTUS and break through Roe v. Wade’s defenses. Overturning Roe has always been the pro-lifers’ wet dream, and the way things are going, it’s a wet dream that may soon be required by law to have a full and dignified burial.”

Her last comment was a reference to a new Texas rule that requires abortion clinics and other health care facilities to cremate or bury aborted babies’ bodies. The rule addresses concerns about aborted babies’ body parts being illegally sold, as well as questionable disposal methods. In one gruesome case in Houston, Texas, a woman reported seeing tiny aborted babies’ limbs and other parts in a parking lot when a sewer line broke.

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What Bee and her fellow abortion activists completely ignore is the scientific basis behind these rules. An abortion doesn’t just end a pregnancy, it ends a human being’s life – and there is well-documented evidence to prove it. These human beings, though still in the womb, are not simply blobs of tissue or parts of their mothers’ bodies. They are unique, individual, living human beings from the moment of conception, and as human beings, they deserve the same right to life as every other group of humans in America.

Americans elected pro-life lawmakers to the Ohio and Texas legislatures to protect unborn babies. They recently elected lawmakers to the White House and U.S. Congress to do the same. These laws and rules are passing, not because a few old white men want to control women’s bodies, as abortion activists like Bee often claim, but because a majority of Americans want to see unborn babies’ lives protected in most circumstances and they elected pro-life representatives to make it happen.