Abortion Activist Complains News Stories on Abortion “Criminalize” Women by Showing Baby Bumps

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 9, 2016   |   1:39PM   |   London, England

What’s wrong with showing the photo of a woman’s baby bump in a news story? Apparently a lot, according to some abortion activists.

In an on-going attempt to convince the public that aborting an unborn child is normal, a group of European abortion activists are urging media outlets to stop using certain types of images in their abortion-related articles.

They do not like images of pregnant women, women in shock over a pregnancy test result, unborn babies or pro-lifers because they hint at the fact that abortion is something more than a routine health procedure.

Metro, a British news outlet, reports more about the pro-abortion campaign:

Campaigners say the use of images featuring heavily pregnant women, rare, aborted late-term foetuses and women looking in despair at pregnancy tests represent a ‘one-sided visual language’.

Specialists at The Museum of Contraception and Abortion (MUVS) in Vienna say that these types of images do not represent the average abortion – which in the UK usually happens before 24 weeks.

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Those who have early abortions wouldn’t even be showing by this point, so using such images of heavily pregnant women criminalises the procedure, adding unnecessary connotations of murder.

They also decry the use of images showing ‘religiously-motivated political actions’, as these further the negative connotations.

The pro-abortion museum recently launched a photo contest to collect images that they believe are more appropriate for abortion-related news stories. Organizers said the photos will be available to journalists for free and will “more realistically” represent abortion.

One of the pro-abortion group’s approved images shows a fuzzy white-ish gestational sac at six weeks of pregnancy (it also does not show any indication of the unborn child growing inside), and another shows abortion pills in their packs.

Will Harris, a spokesman for the British abortion chain Marie Stopes, said they support the new photo campaign.

“The more we can reinforce the fact that abortion is not a storyline but a standard health service that UK women have benefited from for 50 years, the less stressful it will be for the one in three women who chooses to terminate a pregnancy during her lifetime,” Harris said.

The photo campaign is abortion activists’ latest attempt to try to convince people to accept abortion as a normal part of a woman’s life. They’ve also been pushing their deceptive messaging through movies and TV shows, college events and more.

Yet, they largely have failed. Polls show that more people still believe that abortion is morally wrong. Despite abortion activists’ attempts, people still struggle to justify the morality of destroying an innocent human being’s life in the womb. And thanks to modern science, it has become increasingly apparent that the unborn child, from the moment of conception, is a unique, living human being.

Abortion is not normal. It destroys the life of an innocent human being and sometimes leaves women silently grieving their aborted child for the rest of their lives.