Woman Conceived in Rape Opposes Abortion: “Punish the Rapists, Not the Babies”

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 8, 2016   |   3:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Rebecca Kiessling could have died because of her biological father’s crime. Her death, some people argue, could have been good for her mother.

Kiessling was conceived by rape and could have been aborted. Though her mother considered abortion twice, she chose life for her baby girl.

Today, Kiessling is a pro-life advocate, a mother and lawyer who runs an outreach to help women who are victims of rape and their children. This week, the Michigan advocate is visiting the island nation of Malta to urge its lawmakers not to legalize abortions on any babies, including those conceived in rape, the Malta Independent reports.

“If you care about rape victims you should punish the rapists and not the babies… it is absolute barbaric to punish a child for somebody else’s crime,” she said, according to the Times of Malta.

“I have heard pro-abortionists argue against the death penalty for rapists basing their argument on promoting civil rights but they would be ready to agree on the death penalty for the conceived child without as much as a trial,” she continued.

Kiessling spoke at a conference organized by the Life Network Foundation in Malta, according to the report.

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Abortion is illegal in the island nation, but abortion activists have been pressuring Maltese officials to legalize the deadly procedure, even claiming the abortion ban is “torture.”

Kiessling countered the abortion rhetoric by urging Maltese lawmakers to stay strong and keep protections for unborn children in place.

“Abortion will simply add more violence to an already violent issue,” she said, later adding, “I was not lucky, I was protected. My life was spared and I want to provide a voice to the voiceless.”