Couple Uses Pictionary Drawing to Reveal They’re Pregnant But Their Friends Can’t Figure It Out

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 7, 2016   |   7:44PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s a simple occurrence, but it can bring so much joy – the conception of a new baby.

A Montreal, Canada couple recently used a creative way to tell their friends their joyful news. The Daily Mail reports Andreanne Langevin and her partner, Jay, planned a game of Pictionary with friends to announce that they are having a son, but the game didn’t go quite as planned.

“All four of us love playing board games together,”Andréanne said. “When Jay and I found out I was pregnant and were expecting a boy, we immediately knew how we wanted to announce it to our best friends.

“We bought the white board and pretended that we wanted our friends to host a ‘typical’ Pictionary night,” she said.

The couple stumped their friends, though. In a video capturing the moment, Andréanne spent several minutes trying to draw her pregnancy announcement for their friends. During the game, she said she was “shaking with excitement.”

Andréanne, whose nickname is Day, began by drawing a sun to represent her name, and then drew a pregnant woman. After a few minutes went by and the friends still didn’t guess her clues, she prompted with even more hints.

“It’s really not that complicated,” she told the friends.

In the end, she pointed to herself to give away the answer. Their friends responded with congratulations and hugs as Jay filmed the scene.

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Their son is due in March 2017.