Satanists Send Semen-Soaked Socks to Texas Lawmakers to Protest Rule Requiring Burial for Aborted Babies

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 6, 2016   |   12:36PM   |   Austin, Texas

Yesterday, LifeNews reported how Satanists are outraged about a new Texas rule requiring aborted babies’ bodies to be cremated or buried. The Satanic Temple released public statements about the rule and mentioned possible legal action.

But they are taking their outrage to a disgusting and possibly illegal new level this week. AlterNet reports Satanist leader Jex Blackmore is urging people to mail sperm-soaked socks, rags and condoms to Texas pro-life Gov. Greg Abbott’s office.

The new rule, introduced in July by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, requires that abortion facilities, hospitals and other medical centers either cremate or bury the remains of aborted and miscarried babies. State officials said the rule does not apply to miscarriages or abortions that take place at home.

The commission finalized the rule in late November. It is scheduled to go into effect on Dec. 19.

Blackmore, the same woman who blogged about her abortion step-by-step in 2015 in Michigan, emphasized that this is her personal project, not the Satanic Temple’s. However, she also is a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple.

Here’s more from the pro-abortion AlterNet:

Under the name Cumrags for Congress, the project is meant to push back against a transparent effort to make women feel bad for having control over their own bodies and accessing a constitutional right. “This is an attempt to establish the legal precedent of fetal personhood,” Blackmore wrote in a Facebook post criticizing the law. Blackmore is a spokesperson for the Satanic Temple, but the project is unaffiliated with the church. The post goes on to encourage people to send their sperm-covered items directly to the Texas governor.

… A photo accompanying the post features a sock covered in a viscous white substance, along with an envelope addressed to Abbott. A note—Blackmore’s suggestion for a message you might choose to accompany your message—reads, “These r babiez. Plz bury.”

The project may be illegal. Blackmore warned that sending bodily fluids through the postal service “may get you in trouble, so do this at your own risk.” She instructed people to send a very small amount in a leak-proof container and to “supplement” it with “gooey lotions.”

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In an interview with pro-abortion Broadly, Blackmore admitted that the project is disgusting, but she claimed that it is not any worse than the new rule.

“The concept of the state mandating a non-medical ritual as part of the abortion procedure is offensive and crude, essentially demanding that all citizens adopt the moral, philosophical opinion that fetal tissue is comparable to a living human,” she said.

Blackmore is the one denying biological facts, however. It has been many years since scientists discovered that a unique, new human life begins at conception. Unlike sperm or an egg, the human embryo is a separate, distinct living human being inside the woman.

The new Texas rule elevates unborn babies’ bodies to require the same dignified treatment as other human bodies.

During a commission hearing in August, supporters said the rules are necessary because abortion facilities treat unborn babies’ bodies like garbage and sometimes dump them down public sewer drains, Fox 7 reported. Texas state Rep. Mark Keough mentioned a gruesome case in 2005 when a woman who worked near a Houston abortion facility saw tiny aborted babies’ limbs and other body parts in a parking lot when a sewer line broke.

Previously, abortion facilities could dispose of aborted babies’ bodies in landfills or give them to research groups.

More states are moving to require dignified burials of aborted babies’ bodies after undercover videos revealed evidence that Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities may be selling aborted babies’ body parts. The Center for Medical Progress videos prompted a number of states and the U.S. House to open investigations into the matter.

In Ohio, the state attorney general’s investigation found that Planned Parenthood was “steam cooking” aborted babies’ bodies before dumping them in landfills. A state investigation in South Carolina also caught Planned Parenthood facilities illegally dumping aborted babies’ bodies in public landfills, and fined them for it.