Dad Upset After Friend Announces the Sex of His New Baby Before Him: “Am I Right to Feel Betrayed?”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 25, 2016   |   5:00PM   |   Washington, DC

A proud new father expressed his frustrations on Reddit this week after a doctor friend announced the sex of his newborn child to their family before he got the chance.

Posting on Reddit as NewDad_Throwaway, he said their friend, who is a pediatrician, found out their newborn daughter’s sex after texting a nurse in the delivery room, and shared the news with their waiting family and friends. It was an announcement that the father had hoped to make himself.

“I was unaware, so our friends and family pretended to hear it for the first time when I arrived shortly thereafter,” he wrote. “I found out the truth from the paediatrician herself who came clean.

“I’m not gonna lie – before I knew of what our friend had done, I looked at that moment as easily one of the top five experiences of my life,” he continued. “Those of you who are fathers will probably understand the incredibly triumphant walk between the delivery room and the waiting room – it’s the closest I’ve ever felt to walking on clouds. I was completely overcome with joy. I intentionally tried to maintain my composure so as to, I thought, hold out the suspense among the crowd a moment longer before I broke the news.”

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While the father said he is extremely happy to be a dad, he also felt “betrayed” by their friend. He questioned whether he was being unreasonable for feeling so upset by their friend’s actions.

The joy of a new child’s life and birth is unlike any other experience for so many parents. And the father did not let his disappointment squash his joy. Despite being upset, he concluded that his daughter’s life is what really matters.

“I take solace in the fact that this experience in the hospital, and so much more broadly, fatherhood, is about so much more than that one moment,” he wrote.