Late-Term Abortionist Attacks Congresswoman Investigating Aborted Baby Sales: She’s a “Shameless Coward”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 18, 2016   |   7:51PM   |   Washington, DC

A late-term abortionist is shouting “persecution” after leaders of Congressional investigation requested information about his facility’s handling of aborted babies’ body parts and its policies and procedures for treating babies if they are born alive after abortions.

Colorado abortionist Warren Hern lobbed some nasty insults toward U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn this week in response to her panel’s request for information. Blackburn chairs the Select Panel on Infant Lives, which formed to investigate the abortion industry and other groups that handle aborted babies’ body parts.

The Times Call reports Hern said he will not comply with the panel’s requests for medical documents, and labeled Blackburn a “shameless coward.”

“Nothing that happens in my office is relevant to your ‘investigation,’ a term which, in this context, is simply a euphemism for ‘persecution,'” Hern wrote in a letter to Blackburn on Wednesday.

According to Blackburn’s letter, the panel is investigating issues related to “fetal tissue research, federal funding, and the practices of providers of second and third trimester abortionists.” As the panel has done with other abortion providers, it asked Hern for information about how his Boulder Abortion Clinic handles “fetal tissue.”

The panel also asked Hern to explain the policies and procedures set up at his abortion facility to handle a situation where a baby is born alive after an abortion. It also asked for information about whether this situation had ever occurred at his abortion facility.

Here’s more from the report:

The congresswoman’s letter to Hern mentioned “instructions” for how the doctor should go about responding to the panel’s request for documents, and asked that he provide them by Nov. 21.

Hern wrote a letter back to Blackburn on Wednesday, noting that the congresswoman had not, in fact, included any instructions, but that her demands “are unreasonable and outrageous.”

“To comply with any such instruction would be in violation of my Fifth Amendment rights,” he wrote, “and a breach of confidentiality of my doctor-patient privilege.”

In his response, Hern took issue with Blackburn’s use of the term “abortionist,” which he called a “vicious, despicable anti-abortion propaganda term intended to slander” physicians who perform abortions.

But the Congressional panel is not without suspicion about Hern’s practices.

In November 2015, a former patient named Jennifer DeBuhr filed a federal lawsuit against Hern after she said he botched her late-term abortion and left part of her baby’s head inside her womb. In the lawsuit, DeBuhr said she had to have a hysterectomy because of the botched abortion, and can no longer have children.

In June, LifeNews discovered an interview in which Hern appears to have lied to a woman about her late-term unborn child’s ability to feel pain.

A woman, “Elizabeth,” shared the troubling story about how she aborted her unborn son at 32 weeks of pregnancy after doctors predicted that he would not live outside the womb.

Elizabeth said she went to Hern’s Boulder, Colorado abortion facility and paid him $10,000 cash. He charges most late-term abortion patients $25,000 cash up front, she said.

Elizabeth described Hern and his staff as kind and caring, but if she had done her research, she quickly would have learned that Hern lied to her about her unborn son. She told Jezebel:

I asked him if he thought the baby would feel the shot, and he said no. I mentioned an article I’d read about tests where they prick a baby in utero, and the baby jumps. I asked him, “Doesn’t that mean that the baby can feel pain?”

He said, “No. If you prick a frog, it jumps because it has reflexes. A fetus does have reflexes, but doesn’t mean that they can feel and contemplate pain.” He told me that whatever that fetus feels is not like the pain they would feel on the outside.

“That’s real pain,” he said. “And whatever he might feel, it doesn’t touch the pain you are feeling as a grown, thinking, feeling woman.”

It was interesting to me, as a liberal, non-religious person, to see how much of that anti-choice rhetoric I had internalized. I can already hear the other side saying, “Well of course he’s going to say that. He’s a f—- abortion doctor.” But I think he’s really honest. He’s a brilliant doctor with 40 years of information, and he was giving us really no-nonsense information the whole time.

But what Hern told her is a lie. Abortion activists contest evidence that unborn babies feel pain at the 20-week mark, but even they cite studies showing that unborn babies likely feel pain as early as 24 weeks. Elizabeth’s baby was 32 weeks along, meaning he probably felt extreme pain during the abortion.