Pro-Life Students are Under “Constant Attack” at British Universities

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 16, 2016   |   12:11PM   |   London, England

British college students who want to run pro-life clubs on campus are facing an increasing amount of hostility and censorship, the Alliance of Pro-life Students reports.

Right now, the British pro-life group is working with students at three universities where their pro-life efforts are under attack. The pro-lifers are up against pro-abortion feminists who have been petitioning to either prevent pro-life clubs from forming or disband the ones that already exist.

According to the APS blog, students at the University of Newcastle recently tried to de-ratify the student Life Society, claiming it “is a discriminatory group that alienates and will make many young women feel unwelcome on campus and therefore this society is against union policy.”

Earlier this month, the Newcastle Students’ Union considered the pro-abortion students’ motion to de-ratify the club and stop future pro-life clubs from forming; but the students’ union did not pass the motion, APS reported.

“These constant attacks on the free speech of students across England, Wales and Scotland highlights the need for pro-life leaders on campus,” APS said. “The Alliance of Pro-Life Students is here to stand up against these motions with pro-life groups and ensure that they continue to operate on campus unimpeded by such moves.”

Pro-abortion students launched similar attacks at Cardiff University and the University of Liverpool. According to Heathstreet, a pro-abortion feminist group claims the new Liverpool pro-life club is “misogynistic” and a “danger” to women, and should be de-ratified. The feminists began circulating its petition after the UoL Pro-Life Society was approved as an official student organization in October, the report states.

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The petition to de-ratify Cardiff’s pro-life club claims the group is “dishonest” and has “self-interested” political and religious motives.

“However, Cardiff is a secular and apolitical society who do indeed support vulnerable young women,” APS responded. “Last year, they helped ensure that student parents were supported by proposing a Student Parent Support Motion. They often have talks from organisations that assist women in crisis pregnancy situations or those that need healing from abortion including Life and most recently Rachel’s Vineyard.”

Students at a fourth university, Strathclyde, have been seeking approval of their pro-life club for months. APS reports the club has not been approved because of a policy “that doesn’t even exist yet.”

“The motion asks that ‘anti-choice groups should not be affiliated to, funded or promoted by the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association.’ The motion was first proposed at a council meeting in October but there were not enough present to vote,” according to APS.

Pro-life students in America face similar hostility. In October, pro-abortion feminists vandalized a student pro-life display at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, LifeNews reported. The university’s student Democrats club later praised the feminists’ actions.

In April, pro-abortion students vandalized a similar display at Southern Methodist University in Texas. Almost 3,000 crosses memorializing unborn victims of abortion were kicked down.

And in March, a pro-life club at the University of California Davis was targeted when its members set up a poll table asking about late-term abortions. One abortion activist allegedly harassed the pro-life students and threw their materials on the ground.