Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece: Planned Parenthood Told My Parents to Abort Me

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 15, 2016   |   12:07PM   |   Washington, DC

Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., has an amazing story to tell about her life and her family.

A pro-life advocate, King told students at Colorado State University this week how the abortion issue played a part in her famous family. There were several abortions in the King family, but there also were children who lived because Martin Luther King Sr., Alveda’s grandfather, defended them while they were still in the womb.

Alveda herself was one of them.

The Rocky Mountain Collegian reports:

Alveda King said that Planned Parenthood told her parents to consider an abortion following her conception. Her father disagreed, and MLK Sr. claimed that he had seen the unborn child in a dream years prior, and described King to her parents.

“That’s my granddaughter!” King Sr. had said, according to Alveda King.

Alveda King’s parents decided against the abortion, and later she was born into the family as the oldest child.

Years later, her grandfather also saved Alveda’s baby’s life. As a young woman, King said she was a “radical pro-choice” advocate; she also had two abortions.

“Abortion is not health care,” King said. “We didn’t have it right.”

She became pregnant again not long after going through a divorce, and considered aborting that child, too, she said. But her grandfather learned of the situation and spoke up on behalf of her unborn baby. She decided to keep her child.

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She said her two abortions not only destroyed her unborn babies’ lives, they also damaged her’s. And she criticized the abortion giant Planned Parenthood for targeting black women and their babies for abortions.

King said the abortion group claims to help women, especially minority women, but historically it has oppressed minorities through population control measures, including sterilization and abortion.

Research backs up King’s comments. A 2012 study by Protecting Black Life found that 79 percent of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located within walking distance of minority neighborhoods.

Black women also have a disproportionately high number of abortions, compared to other racial groups. According to the National Vital Statistics Report from June 2012, African American women experience an average of 1.6 times more pregnancies than white women, but have five times more abortions over their lifetime. Hispanic/Latina women experience an average of 1.5 times more pregnancies than white women, and have 2.3 times as many abortions over their lifetime.

“We need to make abortions unthinkable,” Alveda King said. “We (have to) change the heart first. Overturning Roe v. Wade will not make it illegal right away, but it will be a start.”

She emphasized that pro-lifers are working to make this happen by supporting both moms and their babies.

“People believe that being pro-life (means) only caring about the baby,” King told the students. “That cannot be farther from the truth. We care about the mother and the elderly too.”