Kamala Harris, Who Raided Pro-Life Advocate David Daleiden’s Home, Wins California Senate Race

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 9, 2016   |   2:15PM   |   Sacramento, CA

California voters elected Kamala Harris, the attorney general who went after the Center for Medical Progress, to their open U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday.

The LA Times reports Harris will replace pro-abortion U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, who is retiring. Currently the California attorney general, Harris is being celebrated as the second black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

She told NBC that she is passionate about helping to protect children from abuse and to provide them with a good education and health care. However, Harris – like Boxer – does not support protections for unborn babies. She is pro-abortion and has a record to prove it.

In April, Harris gained national attention when she went after David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress whose undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts harvesting practices.

Under Harris’s direction, California authorities raided Daleiden’s home in California and seized a laptop and hard drives containing the video footage collected during his three-year investigation of Planned Parenthood, according to a written statement made by Life Legal Defense Foundation, which is helping to defend Daleiden.

In September, emails from the California Attorney General’s office indicated that Harris appeared to be teaming up with Planned Parenthood to target Daleiden, too.

Harris, a pro-abortion Democrat, chose to focus her investigation on Daleiden and his associates rather than Planned Parenthood, even though the video footage by the Center for Medical Progress showed evidence that the abortion chain was illegally altering abortion procedures to collect intact organs from aborted babies and then selling them for profit.

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The Washington Times reported the Planned Parenthood abortion company and Harris’ office were in cahoots over legislation meant to stop undercover investigations of abortion facilities:

Officials from California Attorney General Kamala Harris‘ office and Planned Parenthood collaborated to draft legislation targeting the pro-life activist whose undercover videos showed officials for the nation’s largest abortion provider discussing the sale of fetal body parts, emails show.

The emails depict conversations between the state agency and Planned Parenthood over AB 1671, which would amend the penal code to make secretly recording and disseminating communications with health care providers a crime. Gov. Jerry Brown has until the end of the month to sign or veto the bill.

The documents are another indication of Ms. Harris‘ close relationship with Planned Parenthood and call into question the impartiality of her ongoing investigation of Mr. Daleiden, legal experts said.

The legislation passed in September, despite opposition from mainstream news outlets in California, as well as pro-lifers. The legislation makes it a crime for anyone to record undercover footage of “health care providers,” including abortion facilities.

Many predict that when the law goes into effect, California will face numerous lawsuits. An analysis of the bill by the California Senate Appropriations Committee listed similar concerns about litigation, Breitbart reported.

Planned Parenthood also donated $81,000 to Harris and, because of the massive conflict of interest, pro-life groups called for her resignation.