Ex-Pro-Abortion Feminist Says Hillary Clinton’s Radical Pro-Abortion Views Betray Women

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 4, 2016   |   1:43PM   |   Washington, DC

Sue Ellen Browder once advocated for casual sex and abortion as a writer for the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan.

But when she began reading and researching the history of feminism and abortion in America, Browder realized that these things are not empowering women at all. Instead, women and their families are being hurt.

Browder now believes that Hillary Clinton’s extreme pro-abortion policies “betray” women and their families. And if Clinton becomes president, more women and babies will suffer.

In a column for The Federalist this week, Browder wrote, “If [Clinton] were a true advocate for career women who are also mothers, she wouldn’t be so eager to eliminate our children (particularly the children of the poor) either through contraception or (when that fails) through abortion.”

She said Clinton would rather “destroy marriage and dispose of women’s children” than truly support them through loving, compassionate policies that offer real options to struggling families.

Browder said Clinton is pushing sexual revolution ideas from the 1960s, not women’s rights. Many feminists today, both young and old, are strongly opposed to abortion. Browder pointed out that prior to the late ’60s, many women in the feminist movement rejected the notion that women need to be allowed to abort their unborn babies to be free.

She explained:

Of the eight political “rights” the National Organization for Women originally called for in the 1960s, right number eight (abortion on demand) is the only one American women are still fiercely divided over today. Far from being a legitimate and universal path to women’s freedom, the call for abortion was inserted into NOW’s “Bill of Rights” on November 18, 1967, by a handful of radicals (through a vote of only 57 to 14). One-third of the ardent feminists in that meeting angrily walked out and later resigned from NOW over the abortion vote.

Love unites people. Evil divides us. Abortion split the feminist movement that very night into two opposing factions: “power feminists” like Hillary who supported the sexual revolution and were willing to encourage women to do anything to get ahead (even abort their own children), and “pro-life family feminists” who wanted economic and educational equity for women but also had the vision to see abortion for the betrayal of women it truly is.

The abortion industry and its supporters have betrayed millions of women – especially those in the womb. Women are told that abortion is an easy, quick solution to their problems. Many are not told that their unborn baby already has a heartbeat, that there are alternatives to abortion and support to help them parent their child. Few are told about the possible physical and psychological risks of abortion, or the regret they could feel for decades after their child’s irreversible abortion death.

Clinton wants to expand abortion by repealing the Hyde Amendment and forcing taxpayers to fund abortions. She publicly supports late-term and partial-birth abortions and opposes laws to protect unborn girls from sex-selection abortions.

These are not pro-women policies. If Clinton wins the office, millions more women could be hurt and babies destroyed by her radical pro-abortion agenda.