Planned Parenthood Admits It is Losing Millennials: “We Need Grandmas to Promote Abortion”

Opinion   |   Students for Life   |   Nov 3, 2016   |   6:11PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood and their friends in high places held a tele-townhall/virtual pep rally last night with their supporters to pump them up about voting in favor of pro-abortion candidates. It was the trifecta of the abortion industry’s most ardent defenders: Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former Texas state senator Wendy Davis.

This was a rough hour to get through but we wanted to know what the other side was up to and boy did we find out some goodies. Between Senator Warren’s passionate defense of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards’ plea that every woman needs Planned Parenthood, and Wendy Davis’ portrayal of a world without abortion, there were audience questions, from swing states of course.

One mom called in (supposedly) from Ohio and said she is speaking to her daughter’s 4th grade class about the significance of this election and asked the trifecta for their advice on how to relay that information.

Cecile jumped in and said she was jealous that this mom was going to be speaking to these young girls. I bet! This is Planned Parenthood’s gold mine – future patients to give them lots of money for abortions.  Wendy Davis also attempted to answer this and said she was sure this mom would tell these nine-year-olds what a great role model Hillary Clinton is. Just for the record, Secretary Clinton supports abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, as well as taxpayer-funded abortion, which only a small minority of Americans agree with.

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Another audience member claimed he was an abortionist out of a Planned Parenthood in San Diego and was absolutely distraught that Millennials, in his view, take for granted abortion. He implored grandmas to get out there and talk about how abortion wasn’t always legal.

He’s not the only one to notice this. Former Democratic National Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, took heat earlier this year when she essentially said young women are too complacent about abortion rights. And former NARAL head Nancy Keenan was shocked at all the young people at the March for Life a few years ago and deemed an “intensity gap” between young pro-lifers and young pro-choicers.

One of the Planned Parenthood staffers on the call was a Millennial and tried to assure him that Millennials do care and that they know what’s at risk.

Sorry Planned Parenthood but Millennials hold pro-life positions over pro-choice positions. Over 50% of Millennials believe abortion should be illegal in all or most circumstances. Also, Planned Parenthood lags way behind when it comes to having student groups on college campuses. SFLA has over 1,030 college and high school groups and Planned Parenthood is excited about their 200.

This is the hope for the future and it’s what we see on college and high school campuses every day – pro-life students are compassionate, loving, kind and cannot wait to bring about the end of abortion.