He Has Been Killing Babies in Abortions Since 1967, When a Baptist Minister Asked Him to Do Them

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 3, 2016   |   11:03AM   |   Washington, DC

Curtis Boyd is one of just a few abortionists who still openly performs late-term abortions in America.

His practice of killing viable, late-term babies disgusts and horrifies most Americans but not the editors at Cosmopolitan. This week, the women’s magazine published a glowing profile of Boyd that highlighted his work, including his illegal abortion practice before Roe v. Wade.

Boyd runs two abortion facilities in Texas and New Mexico. Several months ago, investigators uncovered a suspicious relationship between Boyd and the University of New Mexico, which receives aborted baby parts from his abortion facility. The university also sent medical students for training at his late-term abortion facility.

A university spokesperson said they did not pay Boyd for the aborted babies’ body parts. The abortion facility also did not receive money for the medical students’ training, leading some to question whether the students’ work was exchanged for the aborted babies’ body parts.

In December 2015, the university broke ties with Boyd, but the women’s magazine did not mention any of this. Instead, the magazine allowed Boyd to paint himself as a hero for helping women to abort their unborn babies before it was legal.

He explained how he first got involved in abortion work back in 1967:

Howard Moody, who was a Baptist minister from New York, started the Clergy Consultation Service [which recommends abortions] and is probably the reason I ended up in this field of work. I’m an ordained minister. Claude Evans, who was then the university chaplain at Southern Methodist University, started one of those clergy consultation groups in Dallas. When I was in medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern, I joined the Unitarian Universalist congregation in Dallas, and that’s how I came to know Evans.

In the ’60s, there were a lot of young women on campuses like SMU who were asking for help, so I think these clergymen began to see it as their Christian duty to hear their stories. Many university chaplains, like Evans, became sympathetic to the plight of young women who became pregnant when they did not want to be. Evans eventually asked if I would consider providing abortion services.

The referral process in those days was like an underground railroad. Everything went through the ministers — the clergymen in the consultation group. They set up the appointment, the woman came, and then she was not to come back to me. If she had a problem, the ministers took care of it. People don’t realize — these ministers were so fabulous. They did everything they could to make this service available, to work toward getting it legalized, and to take care of me as best they could. They knew that I could go to prison; we broke the law.

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Boyd said he had to teach himself how to perform abortions. He said he began doing abortions using techniques he had learned in dealing with women who had complications from botched abortions in emergency rooms. Eventually, he said he developed his own techniques for aborting unborn babies later in the second trimester.

Boyd also brought up a number of disputed statistics about the number of abortions performed before Roe v. Wade and the complication rates. However, he admitted that most illegal abortions were not the “back alley” type that abortion activists often claim; most were performed by doctors like himself in secret.

The 79-year-old abortionist said he does not plan to retire until he physically can’t work anymore. He believes his life-destroying abortion practice is helping women.

“The reason I was moved to provide abortions was to achieve women their rightful place in society — one of respect and equality,” Boyd said. “When you have a legislature taking over your body when you become pregnant, suddenly you’re relegated to a second-class citizenship. Whether you think abortion is wrong is irrelevant.”

Boyd is the same abortionist who once admitted that he does kill unborn babies.

“Am I killing? Yes, I am. I know that,” he said.

Ashley Baldwin of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust wrote this about Boyd in 2013:

Boyd was a founding member of the National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion clinics that has become infamous for having filthy conditions, botched abortions and abortion deaths, among many other violations.

He is known for his invention of new second-trimester abortion techniques. In the past, Boyd experimented on his patients trying to develop pain management protocols and discover new ways to reduce the risks of abortion surgeries. Imagine the pain and horror.